Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers

Lately in the US there is seafood that is sold which is raised on pig feces and crawling with flies. Shrimps in the US are becoming more popular, but people tend to ignore the fact where this seafood is coming from. In fact, more than 8% of the shrimp in the US comes from the dirtiest conditions possible.

Just imagine how it looks the places where these shrimps are produced. Everything is covered with garbage, flies crawling all over the food, no A/C under tropical climate. This is definitely not something that people expect to be happening when their food is prepared.

The “processed” shrimps are all packed with filthy plastic tubs with ice that is prepared from tap water. The Local Health Ministry issues instructions that require the water to be boiled before it is consumed in order to prevent contamination and diseases. This is the market in Vietnam so don’t be surprised.

Microbiologist, Mansour Samadpour, from the IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group, specialized in screening water for shellfish farming claims: “Those conditions– ice made from dirty water, animals near the farms, pigs– are unacceptable.”

Also there are the tilapia farms in China where the farmers use to feed the fish with a pig diet and goose feces. Michael Doyle, the director of the University of Georgia’s Center for Food Safety says: “The manure the Chinese use to feed fish is often infected with microbes like salmonella.”

The Chinese authorities claim that they are discouraging the use of feces for feeding and food, because it is actually contaminating and infecting the fish. This could lead to serious diseases that could be transferred from the fish. In fact, the number of Guangdong farmers that practice this is increasing because it is more affordable option for the fish food industry. The worst thing is that these tilapia has found the way to the US food markets.

You should be aware that more than 27% of the seafood that people in the US consume comes from China. There are huge percentages that are rejected due to these conditions, but according to the Bloomberg Markets magazine, the FDA checks only 2.7% of the imported food. The FDA inspectors rejected only 1380 loads of seafood from Vietnam, and 820 loads of Chinese seafood since 2007. Now the questions raises, why are we actually importing this food when there have been rejections due to salmonella and filth?