Aspartame Found in Soda Drinks Causes Leukemia and Lymphoma Faster Than Anything Else

According to an ongoing study on aspartame one diet soda a day may increase the chances of leukemia in both genders, male and female. Multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma can also appear in men as a result of daily consumption of diet soda. Likewise, it was concluded that aspartame is carcinogen in humans. This study is the longest-ever detailed study, and because of that its results are more valid than other past studies which stated that there is no risk of using aspartame in diet soda drinks. However, the negative results do not stop here as future studies may reveal findings on other cancers as well.

A comprehensive study on aspartame that included over 2,000 000 people in 22 years

For the purposes of this study, scientists used and analyzed data from the Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study in the period of 22 years. Specifically, 77,218 women and 47,810 men were involved, meaning over 2 million people took part in it in the 22-year period and the received data was in the same size. Even though the numbers are enormous in this study, what makes it so comprehensive and thorough is the way how this data was assessed. Namely, every two years, the participants of this study received a detailed dietary questionnaire which they had to fill it up, and also their diets were followed and reassessed every 4 years. The past studies which claimed that there is no connection of diet soda consumption to cancer only assessed aspartame intake only at one point in time, which is not valid as the effects aspartame has are on the long run, and this could be their weakest link in the studies.

According to this study daily consumption of 1 diet soda elevates the risk of leukemia, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphomas

Here are the results of this newly performed study.

One can of diet soda of 12-fl oz. (355 ml) a day leads to:

  • 31 % higher risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma only in men
  • 42 % higher leukemia risk in men and women – pooled analysis
  • 102 % higher risk of multiple myeloma only in men

All these results came from multi-variable relative risk models, and naturally compared with the results of participants who did not consume any diet soda. The reason for the increased risk of multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma only in men who are drinking higher amounts of diet soda cannot be specified.

Bear in mind the fact that diet soda is the biggest dietary source of aspartame in the USA.  In fact, in total the citizens of the U.S. drink around 5,250 tons of aspartame, of which approximately 86% (4,500 tons) is found in diet sodas.

Animal Study Confirming the Results of This Comprehensive Research

This study also confirms the previous given results. Previous studies conducted on this subject, which revealed that there is no connection between aspartame and cancer, were actually too short and too inaccurate in assessing long-term aspartame consumption. This is not the case with the new study which is long-term study and extremely detailed and precise with the given data.

The results of this study were previously confirmed by a research done on animals, which is one of the best study performed on animals, in this case rats. In 2006, nine hundred rats were tested in their entire natural lifetimes and revealed amazingly similar results: aspartame significantly increased the risk for lymphomas and leukemia in men and women. However, more worrisome were the findings on the following mega-study on animals, which initiated aspartame exposure on the rats at their fetal stage. The increased risk of lymphoma and leukemia was confirmed, and in this case female rats showed significantly elevated breast (mammary) cancer rates. These findings only raise our doubt if aspartame is connected to prostate, brain, breast cancer or to other types of cancer.

Therefore, we should all try to avoid the consumption of diet soda thereby avoiding the entrance of aspartame in our body. If you come to thinking that sugary sodas are the “healthy” alternative, then you should consider the findings of this study: men drinking one or more sugar-sweetened sodas a day showed 66% increase in non-Hodgkin lymphoma which is even worse than from the consumption of diet soda. So, there isn’t any healthy soda.