At 10 Years Old, Boy Who Spent Two Years Growing His Hair, Donates It to Make Wigs for Kids with Cancer

Showing kindness and empathy are valuable virtues that a human being can have as they make a true difference in life.

According to Barbara De Angelis: “Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.

A great act of kindness was displayed by a young boy who at an early age has realized the terrible consequences of a serious disease. In 2014, Thomas Moore was 8 years old when his mother showed him a video of 5 year old Kyssi Andrews who struggled with cancer and due to the chemotherapy she lost her hair. Unfortunately, little Kyssi could not fight off the cancer and she lost her life in this devastating struggle.

Thomas was deeply moved after seeing the video of little Kyssi and he wanted to find a way how to make the life of these children more bearable. He presented his idea on the net and almost instantly became viral and many people support it.

Hair Growing for Two Years

He decided to donate his hair and for that reason he did not visit the barber for two years. Thomas was very young when he saw the video and could not realize what cancer can do to the body and the aggressive therapies. His mother Angela Pulos, carefully explained all the facts of this terrible disease. Furthermore, she told him that the fight of people fighting with cancer is very long and in order to beat it they need to be on chemo. The drugs used in this therapy destroy cancer cells, but as well as the healthy ones making the body weak. For that reason the cells supporting the hair roots on the scalp weaken and the hair falls out. She told him that the whole body is in pain while this therapy and the falling of the hair is just one of the side effects.

When Thomas heard the whole story of Kyssi and what can cancer do the body of such young girl he decided that there must be a way how can Kyssi and other children at this age have the decency of at least having a hair. He decided to donate his hair so that wigs can be created and thus offer the needed comfort. Therefore, he started to grow it so that two wigs can be created from his own hair and in that Kyssi can have her hair back in some way.

He was very dedicated in achieving his goal. His aunt Amber Ray reported his strong will and dedication in Buzzfeed: It started off just fine when his hair was shorter. But as the afro grew, they had to cornrow it to keep it nice and tame.”

This is not an easy process for a young boy and it represented a real hardship for him due to its tender scalp. There was also the special care for the hair and the daily braiding to keep it healthy. There was a point when Thomas could not handle it anymore, but his family showed great support reminding him for the real cause of his act. His aunt said: We had to re-focus on the reason for growing it.” 

Time for Cutting Off

After two years of growing the time for cutting off the hair came. On a bright Saturday morning, now being 10 years old, Thomas sat on the chair of a wig salon. The wig stylist measured his long strands that reached length of 17 inches of healthy and fine hair. The goal of Thomas was to be able for the wig artists to create two wigs, but it turned out that his hair can produce three wigs. His selflessness made three people with cancer happy and pleased with themselves thus making the unbearable fight against cancer more tolerable.

Thomas mother Angie Pulos told NBC: “I think it’s really fantastic that he felt like he could do something so selfless to help somebody else so much.”

Thomas went to school regularly during the process of growing his hair and he was very famous in his school for his act of kindness. He did not expect anything in return but just wanted to make someone happy when mostly needed. After two years of having long hair he felt nervous to go to school with a haircut, but that did not last long as it was worth it.

He set a good example on how someone can show kindness and love to people who he did not know. He just wanted to make Kyssi smile once again and experience the joy of life. His wish to do so was seen by many people and thus became an inspiration for others to follow his act.