Attaching Sliced Onion to Your Foot Will Help Cure Your Illnesses Overnight – Here’s Why

Did you know that attaching onion to your foot can help you treat various kinds of illnesses? This natural remedy has been used since the 16th century and it’s still used.

With this remedy you can easily overcome fevers, fight colds and detoxify your body only if you place this on your feet overnight.

Onions are rich with healthy components that are very useful in healing illness. It contains sulfur compounds that act as strong anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial property.

The feet actually contain more than 7.000 nerve endings which are related to other parts of our body and organs such as live, brain and the heart.

When you place the onion on your feet it has immediate contact with the health benefits that are directed to the different organs in your body.

This is how to prepare your Onion-sock:

Put a slice of onion in your sock when you go to sleep and this way it will destroy all the bacteria, gems and viral pathogens in your body. This way it will help you fight against cold and flu. Instead of the sock you can also use plastic wrap that will help you wrap it around your feet. It has the same effect as using the sock. Leave it until morning.

If you are having swollen lymph nodes it is an indication that there is an infection in your body. Dr. Lauren Feder, author of Natural Baby and Childcare, says that this method (onion-socks) is great to fight various ailments such as swollen glands:

“In addition to treating colds, onion poultice socks can be used for earaches, teething, and bladder infections.”

Many people have already tried this method and have claimed that it is extremely effective and it has helped them to become healthier. Also the onion-socks can be used even for small children and babies.

We are strongly recommending this natural health treatment in order to prevent flu symptoms.