ATTENTION!!! This is Why You Shouldn’t Eat Tuna Ever Again…

In order to be healthy tuna needs to be consumed once per week as it provides great health benefits to our body. Fish has to be introduced in our weekly menu and most people are aware of this fact. One of the most consumed fish all around the world is tuna. Fresh and canned tuna are abundant with proteins and omega 3 fatty acids, which are extremely advantageous for our overall health.

Aside the fact that is very tasteful, it is also healthy and recommended by the majority of doctors. However, there are certain issues regarding the consumption of tuna which you might have not known them. There are recent facts that actually tuna can be harmful for our health, and here below are some of them.

It has been proven that tuna has become polluted by enormous quantities of mercury. Mercury is a poisonous mineral which can lead to many serious health issues thus causing great damage to the body.

Tuna is filled with mercury that can kill you

It is really disturbing fact that most of fish and seafood contain pretty high amounts of mercury or methyl. It is a harmful substance that can incite severe damage to the central nervous system, specifically if the impact is in the early years of life.

Given the fact, many researching have been performed regarding this matter. Namely, a thorough examination was done on the tuna found on the market shelves and it was confirmed that the amounts of mercury in it are really low, so not extremely harmful for the body. Yet, it is still highly recommended to remove it from your diet regime. What you can do is to lower the consumption of this food.

The fish themselves would be healthy and very beneficial for our health if the humans did not pollute their natural environment as 40% of this toxic mineral, stored in the meat of various fish is brought by the industry. Therefore, while the fish still swims in the oceans and seas it becomes polluted, and this pollution triggers disorder on the cognitive system of people. Additionally, the tuna that is brought to our country usually comes from oceans which were previously polluted, like in the case of Fukushima reactor. The tuna with its origins from the Pacific is for sure unsafe for consumption as t has been linked to many cases of cancer.

Nevertheless, let us specify, fish has to be consumed because the benefits that we get from it are irreplaceable, however, we just have to be very careful of the type we consume and from where it comes from. In this article, we just explained you that the most commercial consumed fish like tuna can contain high amounts of this toxic substance, and for that reason you need to decrease its consumption, or if you like its taste try to purchase it from safe sources.