Baby Born with Gray Hair Has the Internet Talking

Every human being is born with its unique traits and physical features and that is what makes us unique. However, sometimes unusual things can happen making us wonder like the Hungarian baby Bence born at a hospital in Székesfehérvá.

The delivery of this baby went smoothly without any complications and the mother brought to this world a healthy boy weighing just less than 12 pounds with a height of 21 inches. The one thing that made this delivery different from any other delivery in Hungary is that the boy came out with a full head of hair, which is also nothing unusual, just in the case of Bence his hair is snow-white.

Bence came into the world with a head full of beautiful snow-white hair, and it is not a result of albino, a skin condition that results from lack of melanin.

Nonetheless, the parents were happy for their newborn knowing the fact that it is perfectly healthy, but this puzzled the doctors. Therefore, they run some blood tests in order to check baby’s melanin levels.

Dr. Zoltan Kummer has ordered the blood testing and it was revealed that Bence’s blood had low levels of melanin synonymous with albinism.This was the reason why Bence had such hair, but not all of the questions were answered regarding Bence’s case because his skin did not show any signs of albino. Some doctors believe that it is simple genetics.

The unique gray color of Bence’s hair caused an interest in other doctors as well who consider the possibility of vitamin B12 deficiency. The reason for the color of his hair was not prenatal stress either.

However, most babies come into this world with blue eyes and blond hair, that is later on changed as a result of later development of melanin in their childhood. As a result of that we can see a dramatic change of the hair color in children while growing up.

Dr. Kummer believes that the loss of pigment in Bence’s hair is only temporary and that his levels of melanin will increase over time just like in the cases of many other babies.

Bence became a sensation on Internet thanks to its uniqueness and became the most popular baby with his silver hair. As a result of his popularity the nurses in the maternity ward started calling him Prince Charming. Well, he is indeed charming!