Baby Weasel Takes a Magical Ride on Woodpecker’s Back

Martin Le-May is a photographer that resides in East London who is always on alert for some good footage. One day he was at Hornchurch Country Park where he took some amazing photos of a baby weasel and a woodpecker. The captured picture was hilarious, a flying woodpecker with a baby weasel on its back.

At first glance, it is a cute story of two animals “making friendships”, but in fact it is something totally else, the woodpecker is actually fighting for its life.

The woodpecker and the baby weasel are fighting, actually the baby weasel is trying to eat the woodpecker, but the woodpecker does not give up easily.

When Le-May was at the park, he did not know that he would witness such event, he was enjoying the beautiful day with his wife. But, he heard some strange noise, and saw these two how they are fighting.The woodpecker flew past Le-May with the weasel on its back. Le-May captured these moments immediately, and thanks to his presence the weasel let go of the woodpecker when it landed giving him enough time to fly away in the nearby trees. The baby weasel was left alone with no woodpecker and had no choice but to run away hungry.

It is common for weasels to rob nests for food, and the baby weasel was just trying to find itself some free meal. The woodpecker was its choice, but did not expect such fight from the bird who managed to save its life.

These photos were posted online and the bird-enthusiast Jason Ward was the first to share the photos, believing that these two are actually friends. He could not know the real story and assumed that these two species have in fact become best friends.

Baby Weasel Takes a Magical Ride on Woodpecker’s Back

Bird experts say that the woodpecker on the photo is European green woodpecker known for releasing loud sounds. They feed on ants, grow 210 to 216mm in length and can have a wingspan of 320 to 330mm.

Steve Backshall, a wildlife presenter, explains that these birds can fly, but the fact that this woodpecker could fly with the weasel on its back was amazing.