Bad Cough That Won’t Quit Part of Winter Virus Going Around

During winter times we are mostly being affected by colds and various viruses including the flu. The accompanied symptoms of these conditions are stuffed nose, sore throat, running nose, and persistent cough. These symptoms can be soothed in time, but there is a virus that leaves the persistent cough for a long period of time.

This bad cough seems not to go away, and it is accompanied with gastrointestinal issues. Yet, many patients report the persistent cough which makes this virus different than the one of the flu. Many of them succumb to having many respiratory issues.

Dr. Kenneth Patton of Bethesda North Hospital reported the following:

“Recently we have been seeing a big surge of the upper respiratory type of symptoms, the cough the congestion, the feeling really short of breath.”

Bad Cough That is Not a Flu or Common Cold

This virus should not be undermined as aside staying for one day in bed it can significantly deteriorate the patient’s health thus ending up in the emergency room.

Unlike the flu that attacks you quickly, this virus starts with a mild cough that develops into a bigger one.

Here it is what Dr. Kenneth Patton adds on this new wave of virus: “Recently we have been seeing a big surge of the upper respiratory type of symptoms, the cough the congestion, the feeling really short of breath.”

Patients that come to his hospital are with an apparent shortness of breath, and Dr. Patton describes them in the following way: “They are retracting; their ribs are doing a lot of work. You can see their neck muscles; you can really see that they are having hard time breathing.”

These symptoms are not universal to every person as they are depending on the age and current well-being of the body. Dr. Patton explains: “A common cold to you and me, maybe a very serious pneumonia or illness for [elderly or children].”

This illness does not go away immediately and stays for a long period of time and the persistent cough seems to never stop. As per the beliefs of the medical experts, illnesses that last over a week can be bacterial in nature.

The treatment of bacterial infections in the emergency is with administrated IV fluid in order to rehydrate the body and given medications. On the other hand, the upper respiratory illnesses are not being treated as they are a result of a virus. But, in case of severe symptoms one should seek a medical treatment.

Maintain Optimal Immunity with These 3 Things

In order to protect your body from this cough you should follow these three things. The most important thing is to wash your hands.

  1. Regular Hand Washing

Proper hand hygiene is the first prevention against various diseases, including the respiratory ones. It has been shown that simple hand washing education in communities lowers the rates of respiratory illness up to 21%.

  1. Healthy Diet

Boosted immune system is a result of a diet high in vitamin C and fruits and vegetables. The presence of vitamin D, A, and the mineral zinc in your diet will enhance the work of the immune system. This also applies for the consumption of probiotics. By all means smoking should be avoided and some other potential irritants.

  1. Sleep, Stress Reduction and Exercise

Good sleeping patterns are a great prevention of illness and also help in their treatment. It has been shown that while sleeping the body heals. On the other hand, following a moderate physical activity in fresh air will keep body’s health.