Bald Men Are Hotter, More Masculine, Scientific Study Finds

The male gender is also very much worried about their appearances as they also want to be attractive and sexy for the opposite gender. Baldness was a great issue for men in the past as it was perceived as unattractive, but things are changing in our modern era of living. Bald men are starting to be sexy just like the ones having hair.

According to a newly performed study the bald look which has been promoted by the middle-aged men is now very attractive, and the younger generation accepts it quickly by shaving their heads right to the skin.

This is great news for all men out there who are starting to lose their hair as nowadays this has become common for the younger generation too.

In the past men were devastated about their baldness trying all sorts of expensive treatments to prevent or stop the hair loss. This hair issue for some of them brought anxiety, depression, and low levels of self-esteem, and the desperate solution was wearing a wig which was very common in the seventies.

Fortunately, those days are over, baldness is not perceived as a bad look for men at least that is what the results showed of a conducted study. According to lead researcher of this study, Dr. Frank Muscarella from Florida’s Barry University, baldness or if there is none, shaving your hair down to the skin could make you very attractive and wanted by the ladies. In this study the male participants were rated in four quadrants: physical attractiveness, appeasement, aggressiveness, and social maturity ranging from honesty to intelligence and social status.

The participants of this study were divided into two groups, the first group was given photos of men with hair, and the other one looked at the same photos but without hair that was being removed digitally by the computer. When the study finished, the researchers checked the results and found out that bald men were perceived as sexier, more intelligent, more honest, and stronger.

This bald look was promoted by Hollywood actors like Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson and more, so for many people this was not an issue anymore. Moreover, it looked better when it was not hidden with all sorts of hair accessories or used a special combing technique to cover the bald patches. Once it got displayed open and the remaining tufts of hair shaven or cut really short made bald men more masculine and sexier.

Why men get bald?

The process of balding is different in every man, but in general it is a slow process ranging from several years to a few decades, and does not happen overnight.

According to a research about 66 percent of men start to lose a considerable amount of hair at the age of 35, and approximately 90 percent would have lost all their hair by turning 55.

The main cause for baldness is genetics, namely the androgen receptor gene is implicated in male pattern baldness, and it plays an important role in growth regulation.

Nonetheless, this should not worry you at all, if you are a man, women like it, and for a more enhanced smoldering effect, grow a beard, and for sure you will be irresistible!