Be Careful Who You Trust

Our grandparents are very wise as they have been through many things in life and know for sure how we should act. One of the teachings of my grandmother was to never trust anyone. Trust is very fragile and once it gets broken it cannot be the same as before.

Her counsel in terms of trusting people was always to rely only on yourself and never to go ahead in revealing things to another person. Building a trust is a long process and there are not many people during your lifetime that you can fully trust. Hence, we should be very careful to whom we are confiding are deepest secrets. You should act as you trust other people, but never really mean it. Time and life experiences will teach you to whom you should share certain things from life.

In time you will learn how to be discreet, careful with words and to pursue dreams with determination and silence as in that way the chances of coming true are much higher.

You may be a nice and kind person, but that does not mean that the others are same as you. Life can be really strange and those people that are close to you and you love the most can be the ones that are the least trustworthy.

Be cautious to whom you convey your deepest feelings as although salt and sugar look the same, they are completely different.


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