Be the Woman Who Fixes Another Woman’s Crown

Being a woman is a complex thing, and in the modern world women have surely found their place and status. However, the struggle was long and it started since the beginning of times when women need to carry the burden of some pretty unreasonable standards imposed on them like how to dress, talk, smile, act in company, and so on.

Fortunately, nowadays we should not be worried and obsessed on the way how people see us. But somehow we cannot release ourselves from those imposed standards that have been followed for centuries by so many women. If you still feel like that, then it is time to stop it and release yourself as there is no need for such thing anymore, and if you are more mature you are very well aware of that.

In the twenties, women are suffocated by shallowness, and with unnecessary worrying about things that can become counterproductive. It is about time to stop worrying about trivial things in life and start enjoy every minute of your life as, believe us, our time is limited in this world and we should make the most of it.

The opinions of other people are not that important, and instead of focusing on superficial things we should focus on things that matter to us.

Women have this inner instinctive sensitivity, but too much worrying is not good. Here it is how you can improve yourself.

Tips for Improved Version of You

  • Be Yourself

There is no need for pretending and trying hard to fit into other people’s lives, just be yourself as then you are the best person.

  • You Cannot Control Life

You may have tried it, but have come to the fact that “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”. Hence, go to the flow and stop wasting your time and energy to control it.

  • Forget your ex

The time you had with him is over even if you have still feelings for him. It is about time to move on and start something new.

  • Fitting in

High school is over and there is no need for any special “adjustments” to fit in. Being fake brings only fake friends that you do not need in your life. Just be yourself, and make real friends.

  • Status

The material things do not matter in life and up to now you must have realized that. Showing off is not a way to prove yourself, the only way is via knowledge and experiences.

  • Past mistakes

What has been done is done, and there is no need to go over past mistakes all over again. If you have learned your lesson from them, then they were worth it.

  • Toxic friends

You do not need shady and toxic friends in your life, break any connections with them and your life will get better.

  • Stop being right all the time

Every human being is prone to making mistakes in life, so if you have made one do not be ashamed to admit it or be hard on yourself. Just accept it and move on in being a better person.

  • Sex life

The sex life should offer you enjoyment and if there is something that you do not like say it to your partner. Tell him what you like and that for sure will become an unforgettable experience for both of you.

  • Being single

It is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. It is better to stay single and be happy, then stay in a toxic relationship unhappy. Love yourself, and the right one will for sure come into your life one day.

  • Keep your health

Your health is very important and because of that do not have a tendency to neglect it. Care about yourself inside as much as you care about yourself outside.

  • Fashion

Fashionable items are not always good ones, especially if they do not suit your figure or character. Be yourself and dress the way you feel the best, no matter if it is outdated. You can drop on makeup if that is the thing you like; the most important is to be natural and to like yourself.

  • The “ladylike” label

The days when you were obliged to follow the “ladylike” label are over. If you like you can burp after having a bottle of beer or even be braver, fart. If that is your thing, do it! It is really up to you, what makes you comfortable do it and what makes you uncomfortable stop it!


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