The Best 16 Breakfast Recipes That Can Help You Lose Weight

You must have heard up to now that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This essential habit will protect your health from various ailments, and as well as in the process of losing weight.

Therefore, do not skip the most important meal of the day, and for that reason we shall give you some good ideas for morning meals. Here below find sixteen of them which are high in fibers, nutrients, and proteins that can improve the overall health and assist you in losing those unwanted pounds.

16 Incredible Ideas for Your Morning Meal

  1. Avocado and hard boiled egg

This meal is packed with fiber and proteins which offer satiety, and above all it is gluten free. Check the recipe here.

  1. Apple cinnamon quinoa

For this breakfast meal include yoghurt in for better digestion; likewise apples, cinnamon, raisins, and almonds. This meal is also gluten free, only fibers and protein. Check the recipe here.

  1. Avocado egg bake

This meal is high in omega 3, fibers and proteins, and low in sugar. Check the recipe here.

  1. Almond, banana, strawberry and yoghurt

Place all the ingredients in a blender and prepare a smoothie. It contains 350 calories and 15g protein. Check the recipe here.

  1. Coconut and berry

A bar of these ingredients has 20% of the recommended daily fiber doses, iron and 200 calories.  Check the recipe here.

  1. Cantaloupe and yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is highly healthy food loaded with proteins. For this meal combine fruit and yoghurt, but do not use oats and granolas. As an alternative mix it with berries. Check the recipe here.

  1. Chia gingerbread mash

The chia mash pudding is amazingly healthy breakfast meal. It can stop the cravings thus making it ideal for the weight loss. Check the recipe here.

  1. Egg white frittata

It is consisted of whites, feta, spinach, onion, and peppers. It is extremely delicious breakfast low in calories. Check the recipe here.

  1. Egg, thyme, garlic, and quinoa

Prepare this meal in the evening and bake it, and in the morning you will have ready breakfast meal. It will supply your body with calcium and energy. Check the recipe here.

  1. Fruit and cottage cheese

In 4 oz of cottage cheese there is 14 g protein and 81 calories. Also include the berries and fruits.

  1. Low carb hotcake

For this recipe use almond meal and flax seed, but do not add any sugar. This breakfast will provide your body with the required proteins and fiber. Check the recipe here.

  1. Overnight oat

If you are suffering from bloated belly, this recipe will be of great help to you. Check the recipe here.

  1. Paleo bowl

This dish is packed with proteins and omega 3, and for its preparation you will need only 10 minutes. You will feel full during the whole day and at the same time keep you energized. It contains only 335 calories without any carbs. Check the recipe here.

  1. Salmon and asparagus

It contains more than 10g of protein being low in calories. Check the recipe here.

  1. Tofu scramble, southwest version

This dish is simple for its preparation, and you can keep it in the refrigerator for a few days in row. In order to prepare it mix cilantro, onion, peppers, cumin, and coriander. Check the recipe here.

  1. Vegetables with roasted egg

This breakfast is an ideal way to start your day. All you have to do is to add an egg in the vegetables and then roast them. Check the recipe here.

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