Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town So They Can Retire and Grow Old Together

As we age we all think about our retirement and how we would like to spend the rest of our lives. Many people are well aware that it is best to remain socially active especially in the old age and because of that eight friends, four couples, decided to build their perfect “getaway” in the good old Texas. They all wanted something that is natural and not based on metal and concrete so that they can easily restore their balance with nature and the surrounding area. Therefore, they have decided on building an eco-town consisted of tiny houses.

Their wish came true thanks to the design of the architect Matt Garcia who envisioned how these eco-friendly cabins will look like. The ideal region for their building was the area around the Llano River outside of Austin, Texas, and this property was named “Llano Exit Strategy”. These cabins are not expensive, each one with a value of about $40,000. These cabins are environmental-friendly and sustainable with reflective walls and insulated windows in order for the heat to get reflected so that the cabins are cool even during summer.

Jodi Zipp is one of the residents, who likes this place a lot considering it a magical, but arid place comparing it with the “Disney movie”. In the nearby small forest, there are deer, hares, bobcat, and all kinds of birds, which makes this area magnificent.

Garcia with his design wanted to offer the warm feeling of these houses contrary to the modern way of living. This property is designed to be sensitive to the limited water resources of a region locked in a drought affecting the entire state. The slanted roofs would capture up to 50,000 gallons of rainwater in large barrels or cisterns and thus keep the property irrigated.

The warm feeling of the houses is given by the interiors covered with plywood. There is also a 1500-square-foot communal kitchen with large, stainless-steel appliances, including a commercial range and clear-glass fridge, and in addition to all this a guest bedroom.

The kitchen is being separated from the communal dining and living room by a nice-looking black, granite countertop lined with steel stools and a wine rack on each side.

The guest bedroom has bunk beds and a large pine porch. On this porch the guests can enjoy the view and peace by sitting on octagonal wooden picnic tables.

Each cabin has an amazing view as the architect designed it so that no cabin blocks the view of another cabin.

The cabins have plenty of windows thus allowing the light to freely enter the space and as well as offering better view of the surrounding natural scenery.

The retreat is still being built, but these friends are visiting the site and the surrounding area as their peaceful getaways. They really enjoy their stays over there and are looking forward to spending their retirement there.