Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town to Grow Old Together

Good friendship can be very fulfilling and an amazing thing in your life. We meet people every day and with some we become friends and we some just acquaintances. All of us have childhood friends but due to college or moving we have lost contact with them. However, it would be a wonderful thing in life to have and keep friends for a lifetime, someone that truly knows you.

Some people have managed to keep such friendships for a life, and the ones that really amazed us is their decision to grow old together. This dream came true for these friends who decided to build a small town.

Four couples decided to spend their old age together and in order to do so they have decided to build cabins for each couple. They have been friends for almost 20 years, and due to work or other things in life could not always be in touch. Over the years they did their best to live closer to each other, and for them it was a logical step to find a solution how to retire together.

They were interested in environmental-friendly methods and decided to build a town near the Llano River outside of Austin, Texas. They invested all their money in building cabins in the Llano area and each cabin is with a cost of $40,000. The cabins were designed by Matt Garcia making them efficient and cost-effective. All of the cabins are with slanted roofs, reflective walls, insulated windows and water barrels (5,000 gallons).

Always Keep Your Friendships

3 Tips How to Keep Your Friends Forever

  1. Honesty

This is the basis for good friendship as if it is based on pretending and false intentions, then it will not last or it will not be true, real friendship. If you want lifelong friendship, be honest about your past, opinions and goals in life. In this way you will avoid any future misunderstandings.

  1. Apology and Forgiveness

It is normal to have disagreements with your friendsonce and awhile. But, if you have made a mistake apologize for it as it is not good to take the advantage of your friends’ weakness, and the other way around. We are all humans and make mistakes, so learn how to forgive and to say sorry.

  1. Grace

Being graceful is a good personal characteristic and because of that show it as much as you can. Do not set high expectations for your friends, do good things for others, even if you are not asked to. Show compassion as we all need it at some point in life.

Friendship is as important in life as finding the right partner. If you have a best friend, then make sure to cherish this friendship as it is a real blessing in life. Close friends are the ones who are always there for you and you should keep them for life. Good friends are always there when you need them, in good and in bad.

Have in mind that you should be also respected as much as you respect your friends. Always remember that and if you have this in your life things will be always good.