The Best Natural Laxative That Will Help You Empty Your Bowels and Remove the Excess Fluids from Your Body! RECIPE

Doctors often refer to constipation as serious health issues that often are caused by different factors. The main causes usually are lack of physical activity, medications, aging, lack of fibers, lack of vitamins, extreme stress, water deficiency in the body, and many other things. Constipation actually can be caused as a result of side effect from another disease, in which case it requires medical attention in order to be treated.

In the US every 10th person actually suffers from irregular bowel movement, and in this article we are going to present to you how to prepare your own natural and effective laxative.

This laxative that we are going to present to you is widely used in hospitals and it is known as hospital jam due to the effective treatment it has for treatment of constipation. It is also recommended by doctors and it is very easy to prepare it. Here is the recipe and how to prepare it:


  1. Dates – 1 cup
  2. Prunes – 1 cup
  3. Boiling water – 5 cups


You will need to boil the water and add the remaining ingredients in it. Before you put the dates and prunes you will need to cut them into small pieces and cook them until the mixture becomes very thick. You will need to consume 1 tablespoon per serving, for 20 in total. This remedy could be consumed by anyone, and it is recommended to be consumed in the morning as part of your breakfast.

Prunes are actually packed with fiber and sorbitol which is great natural sugar that helps you loosen the stool. This way it will ease the constipation in very short period of time. If you want you can add dried prunes in the water and leave them overnight. In the morning you will need to drink the water in order to loosen the stool. According to many different experts, soluble fiber allows the water to stay in the stool thus making it softer and loosen.

In case you have some warning signs such as stomach pain, or blood in the stool, you should immediately visit your doctor. Also try to improve your health by consuming healthy food and diet, and do regular exercises.

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