The Best and Worst Positions for Sleeping!

Sleeping is definitely the best thing that everyone loves and there is nothing better than getting good night sleep. In fact, there are many caveats to sleeping such as back problems and improper sleeping position. If you don’t sleep in good position you could ruin your goodnight sleep and you might end up without rest. In this article we are going to present to you 10 best positions that will help you get nice sleep.

  1. Sleeping on the back

Getting into position on your back will help you neutral the spinal position. This position is highly recommended by doctors because it helps you maintain the health of your neck and spine.

  1. Sleeping on the side

People that have problems with sleep apnea or snoring should definitely practice this position. This position allows your spine to be aligned and it helps you prevent backache. Sleeping on the side can eventually cause wrinkles on your face, and it leads to saggy breasts. Due to these reasons this position is not recommended for the whole duration of the night.

  1. Sleeping on the stomach

You should avoid sleeping on your stomach because it leads to adding pressure on your back. It could also lead to pins and needles in the arms and legs due to the pressure it applies. Breathing is also restricted because the neck is strained.

  1. Fetal position

This position should be avoided because it could cause plethora of the neck and back issue since it restricts the breathing.

  1. Pillow cuddling

For better rest you should practice this position because it relieves the stress on the joints. Put a pillow underneath your hips and you will manage to get good night sleep.

  1. Arms up while on your back

This position is also known as starfish and it is considered to be great for the health of your back. Arms will help you prevent facial wrinkles and heartburn. The downside of this position is the shoulder pain it could cause.

  1. Facing away from your partner

This position is considered as pre-divorce position, but you shouldn’t worry because there is not merit to it. Up to 90% of couples who sleep in this position are in loving and happy relationships.

  1. Spooning

Spooning position is believed to help you relieve stress, but there is a downside of this position and that is it can lead to aches and pain. Psychologists actually claim that physical contact during sleep could lead to reduced stress in both partners.

  1. Facing towards each other

This position allows you to get more contact with your partner and also allows you to make an eye contact and cuddle. It is considered to be the best intimate position.

  1. Back-to-back

Couples that sleep in this position maintain their contact or closeness even though they are facing from each other and they don’t have contact. This position is considered to be the one that shows there is a relationship issue.