Better than Painkillers: Smear this Oil for an Instant Relief! For People with Arthritis, Sciatica or Back Pain-It’s a Real Deal!

Aging often causes different health complications, and one of the most common problem appear in the joints. Many people actually ignore this pain until they actually get into a stage where it is causing serious problems. After the situation becomes severe people tend to take pills or other ointments in order to relieve the problem. Instead we are going to recommend you to try massaging the joints with castor oil. This is completely natural way that will relieve the pain you might be feeling. Castor oil actually contains lots of health benefits that can help you improve the overall health.

Here are some of the health benefits of castor oil

Castor oil is great natural anti-inflammatory agent that could help you treat joint pain. Also it is great for treatment of common symptoms of arthritis. This oil is also great for improvement of the immune system and stimulates it to produce antibodies in order to fight inflammation. The skin actually absorbs the castor oil topically and helps you relieve the joint pain and other symptoms.

Joint pain

In order to obtain quick results you will need to massage the aching joint with warm castor oil. Also you can apply hot water pack on the affected area in order to relieve the pain quickly. If you are having problems with arthritis you should repeat this process twice per week.


If you want you can use castor oil for relieve of arthritis. You will need to put cotton fabric in the castor oil and apply it on the affected joint. Leave it for one hour and repeat it on regular basis. Don’t use this method if you are not having joint pain.

Here is a video with some more details: