You Better STOP Eating This Food – It Causes Brain Damage and Breast Cancer!

Lately, people are more interested in healthy diet due to the health benefits it provides. Some people decide to replace meat and eggs with tofu in order to achieve healthier life. The main reason why people decide to do this step is because of the soy industry which constantly claims the soy benefits for the health of the heart are numerous. In fact, this claim is not true at all! According to Dr. Daniel, food processors actually produce oil and protein through separating the soybeans. This process is completely unhealthy and it isn’t safe at all.

This type of processing actually require high temperature, alkalization, acid baths, petroleum solvents, toxic and carcinogenic residues, and high pressure. During this process the food is becoming extremely dangerous for consumption. These products isolate and hydrolyze plant protein, which contain high amount of phytates and trypsin. Phytates actually blocks the process of mineral absorption, whereas the trypsin prevents proper digestion. In worst case scenario it could cause serious brain damage and breast cancer. Due to these reasons you should definitely stop consuming soy. Here is a list of the health problems that could be caused as a result of high soy diet:

  1. Cancer
  2. Reproductive conditions
  3. Soy allergies
  4. Brain damage
  5. Premature puberty
  6. Problems with reproduction organs
  7. Problems with thyroid
  8. Hair loss

The most susceptible to soy are babies and children because the soy’s hormone actually mimics the estrogen. According to one study, people that are exposed to estrogen-mimicking chemicals, especially babies, experience 11 times higher risk of overweight. Some of the other problems that it could cause are:

  1. Hypothyroidism
  2. Allergies
  3. Osteoporosis
  4. Heart disease
  5. Early adolescence
  6. Brain damage
  7. Breast cancer

Also, if you consume unfermented soy it could cause the following:

  1. Loss of libido
  2. Digestion distress
  3. Endometriosis
  4. Reproductive issues
  5. Malnutrition
  6. Problems with the immune system

These people need to avoid consuming products that contain soy:

  1. Infants
  2. Vegetarians (avoid high soy diet)
  3. Mid-life women in menopause

These are the safe ways in which you should consume soy:

  1. Soy sauce

Avoid consuming soy sauces that are synthetically processed, and instead consume traditional soy sauce which is produced through fermentation of soybeans, enzymes, and salt

  1. Miso

This is actually soybean paste that contains buttery and salty texture

  1. Natto

This is the best soy variety that you could consume. It contains vitamin K2 which is great against Bacillus Subtilis. It is produced through the process of fermented soybeans and contains nattokinase which is great and powerful blood thinner. You can find it in all Asian grocery store

  1. Tempeh

This type of soybean cake is great because it is produced through the process of fermentation and contains mushroom flavor

These are the best and most recommended ways to consume soy. Try to avoid consuming processed soy foods in order to avoid developing diseases. Some of the foods that you need to avoid are soy milk, soy ice cream, soy energy bars, soy cheese, soy protein powders, and processed foods. Also make sure that you have healthy diet.