Beware: China is Making Rice from Plastic, Here’s How You Can Spot It…

One of the biggest producer of rice in the world is China. This country produces around 200 million tons of rice, from which huge amount of it is exported to other countries.

In fact, according to the Korea Times, there is a problem that arises due to the pesticides they include in the Chinese agriculture, and there is rice that is also artificial. This artificial rice is actually mixture of plastic, potato starch, and kernels. Also they add rice aroma during the process of steaming, and according to medical experts if you eat 3 portions of it equals the same as eating little plastic bag.

This article will show you how to distinguish between real and plastic rice:

  1. Water test

You will need to fill one glass of water and put 1 tablespoon of uncooked rice in it. If you notice that the rise is sinking it means it is organic, but if it stays on top of the water it contains plastic

  1. Fire test

You should set on fire a bit of rice and check whether it burns immediately or it smells like plastic.

  1. The mortar and pestle test

You will need to crush some mortar and pestle rice and if you notice it becomes a white starchy powder it means that it is organic and good for use. In case you notice light yellow discoloration it means it contains plastic and you should avoid it

  1. The mold test

You will need to cook some rice and leave it in airtight contains. Leave the container in warm area and after few days check whether it is musty. If it isn’t it will mean that the rice is artificial.