Beware of Fake Friends: Not Everyone Who is Nice to You is Your Friend

The human being is not meant to be alone and since young age we develop numerous friendships. Some of them stay for life and some of them are already forgotten. During our lifetime we meet numerous people and some leave mark and some don’t, but the most important thing is to determine who are real and true friends.

If you wonder whether to end certain friendship ask yourself whether you like yourself in that particular relationship or not, if you don’t, then you know the answer. However, it is always better to find out in time who are your real friends.

How to be sure if you have fake or true friends?

  • A true friend likes just the way you are with all your flaws. In the case of a fake friend your bad sides will be always emphasized.

  • True friendship is when he or she is interested in everything you do and will always have the time for you to ask you how are you doing. On the other hand, fake friends will call you only when they need something from you.

  • A true friend will always offer the needed support and incitement and will be pleased with your success as it was his or hers. A fake friend will never encourage you, but try to put you down making you feel worthless.

  • A real friend keeps your secrets and will never betray your trust. The fake one will share your secrets with everyone.

  • A true friendship exists when your friend has time to spend with you, and who will be there for you in good and in bad.

Be aware of fake friends

According to Kelly Campbell, a professor of psychology at California State University, “a toxic friendship is one that violates the norms and expectations of friendship. Friends should have your best interest at heart, stand up for you in your absence, keep your secrets, treat you with respect, be trustworthy and supportive, and be happy for your successes.”

Choose quality over quantity

Try to surround yourself only with people that bring positivity in life. True friendship is really rare and if you have one try to keep it for lifetime. Never stay in a surrounding with fake people.

An open enemy is better than a false friend.”