Black Salve: The Magical Cancer Cure!

Black salve is great remedy that has been used for centuries in South America for treatment of different health problems, including the hard diseases such as cancer. The salve is a great mix of herbs that contains plenty of medical properties.

In ancient times the Native Americans have been hiding the remedy from western cultures until now. There have been many pharmaceutical companies that have tried to hide the ointment because they wanted to ensure their sell of products.

The use of this remedy has been used for treatment of fungi, yeast and tumors from the body. Usually it is called black salve because of the color, and the ingredients that it contains such as bloodroot. Also it is rich with zinc and mix of herbs that are extremely rich with nutrients.

The bloodroot originates from eastern North America and has been used throughout the history for treatment of inflammation, infections, and coughs. Also there are reports that suggest it has been used for treatment of moles, skin tangs, and skin cancer.

The bloodroot ingredients is packed with antimicrobial, anticancer, antiangiogenic, antimicrotubule, and tumoricidal properties that have been found to be extremely rich against cancer cells.

The main health benefits of this remedy are:

  1. Stimulate blood circulation thus providing great support for the cardiovascular system and the blood vessels
  2. Improves the oxygenate process in the body
  3. Helps you fight polyps, fungus warts and many other skin problems

Black salve can be used externally and internally, but if you want to be effective against tumors and polyps you should use it for topical application. This way it will reduce the growth of tumors and make it shrink.