Bleach Can Cause Cancer And Lung Failure, However Everyone Uses It In Their Homes!

Most of the people clean their house with bleach. In fact, this cleaner has been used for many years even though not many people are aware of the danger it imposes over your health. Bleach is one of the most dangerous cleaner that you could use. People tend to use it for bleaching their clothes, disinfection, as well as removing mildew and mold.

Not many people think about the hazardous effects over their health that bleach has. You can read the danger it imposes over your health on the product itself. This product contains corrosive substance that can cause serious irritation on the respiratory tract, skin, and eyes.

Also even if you dilute the bleach it could still cause inflammation and burn your skin. This product is extremely dangerous for your children, infants, and animals since it affects directly their immune system.

On the other hand it could lead to serious damage on the nervous system, asthma flares, serious headaches, vomiting, and migraines. Bleach is very harmful if you mix it with ammonia, vinegar or other type of acid. Once you mix it with acid it will release dangerous fumes in the air which can cause deadly side-effects.

Bleach is also used for water pollination, and once it reaches the water system it has ability to react with water elements and produce very harmful toxins which require many years in order to disappear. Dioxin is another dangerous product that is used on daily basis for cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens.

Dioxin actually doesn’t break down and instead it remains in the environment for many years. Dioxin can lead to endocrine disorders, as well as breast and testicular cancer. You definitely need to think about using any of these products since they impose serious health danger.

Instead of using toxic chemicals for cleaning around the house you should use borax, lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, or essential oils. These natural ingredients don’t cost much and also they are very effective.

Cleaning around the house with essential oils

You will need to add few drops of lemon essential oil in your natural homemade cleaner in order to remove bad odor. Also you could use it in the kitchen in order to remove stains. You should also mix few drops of this essential oil with one gallon of water in order to mop the tiles in the house.

Another amazing natural alternative that you could use instead of bleach is tea tree essential oil. This essential oil contains amazing antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that will help you remove mildew and mold. You should mix 2 teaspoons of this essential oil in two cups of water and add the mixture in the spray bottle. Spray around areas where you have noticed mold and mildew, and don’t rinse afterwards.

Feel free to use other natural solutions that you already have in your home. It is important to avoid using chemicals that might harm your overall health.