Boil These 2 Ingredients, Drink the Beverage for 7 Days and Lose up to 5 Pounds!

Every woman keeps dreaming about smooth and thin shape. Don’t worry because there are several tricks that can help you get rid of the excess weight in the most natural way. This mixture we are going to present contains two ingredients that are so powerful and will make you lose up to 5 pounds in only one week.

Buildup of fat in the body is caused mainly due to poor and unhealthy diet, inactive lifestyle and stress. As a result of that this fat is stored in different parts of the body, depending on the genetics of each woman. Women build up fat in different parts of the body such as hips, thighs or buttocks. In order to avoid such buildup of fat you should consider paying more attention to your diet and regular exercise.

The existence of fat in the body is really harmful for your overall health and can cause serious diseases such as problems with your cardiovascular system, level of cholesterol or diabetes. This recipe will help you lose weight very fast:


  1. Ground cinnamon (1 tablespoon)
  2. Honey (2 teaspoons)
  3. Water (1 cup)


Use sauce pan and pre heat the water. Remove the water from the heat and put the cinnamon in it. Leave it aside to cool off and add the honey.

You should consume this mixture in the morning before your breakfast, and during the day. Consume it several times for a week. If you are having diabetes you should consider consulting your physician before you decide to use this natural remedy.

These are the benefits of these ingredients:

Cinnamon – it is known to be extremely beneficial for your overall health. It helps you reduce the level of sugar in your blood and prevents you from using too many sweet or salty foods. Many research studies show that cinnamon is really efficient in burning abdominal fat. The study revealed that those who consumed cinnamon pills had five times better results in burning fat than the others.

Please have in mind that it is not suggested for pregnant women to use cinnamon. Also do not use excess amount of it because it might cause heart palpitations.

Honey– it is extremely rich with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your overall health and it provides your body with enough amount of glucose. Also it contains carbs that help you feel satiety all day long. Furthermore, it helps break down fat cells due to the production of gastric juices in your stomach.

Please use healthy and organic fruits and vegetables if you want to have better results.