Bon Jovi Opens Third Community Restaurant to Serve Food to People in Need

Benevolence is a great virtue and we should all have it, and there is nothing better when someone has higher financial capacity like many celebrities. Bon Jovi is a well-known rock star, but he is also an incredible philanthropist when he first created Bon Jovi Soul Foundation in Philadelphia in 2006 with the motto “to combat issues that force families and individuals into economic despair.”

Bon Jovi commented his work with the following words on “CBS Sunday Morning”:

It can obviously never compare to performing or writing songs. But what it does do is give you the same sense of fulfillment when you see the lives you touch”

The incitement for this type of work happened when he was visiting a town and was a resident of a hotel where a homeless man was sleeping on the gutter outside a hotel.

He continued in his interview:

I have left here, you know, after a long night of volunteering and said, ‘That makes you feel the same kind of good’, you know? And that’s what I say, the way to feel good is to do good, you know? Find your good – and do it.”

He opened several soul kitchens and offered great relief and comfort to many people in need. His foundation JBJ Soul Foundation and Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen along with the Gateway Church of Christ of Morganville, Spoon Full of Hope, operated at Union Beach after the devastating Sandy super storm, in 2015 and 2016.

Bon Jovi did not stop after the success of his first two projects, he continued with a third one by opening a Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen community restaurant, at Rutgers-Newark University on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Newark, on January 23.

This is not the only type of opened kitchen as there are similar Soul Kitchens located in places such as Red Bank and Toms River.

On November 24 at the CBS “Sunday Morning”, Bon Jovi stated:

We all think it’s a rite of passage to study hard and eat Ramen noodles. How about if it’s the only thing you can afford?”

These restaurants are not hand out ones, but if you want to help the customer can pay for the food, and if currently he or she is out of money the customer can volunteer in the kitchen at some extent.

The menu is with no charges, the minimum is $12 for a three-course meal if the customer chooses to pay and in that way he is actually paying for the meal of another person in need.

The payment can be done in cash, with a credit card, or with dining dollars. People are encouraged to pay upfront so that the meal of a person in need is already covered.

Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea Bongiovi are not stopping; they have a set plan for more Soul Kitchens in different locations.

Dorothea Bongiovi at the Red Bank Soul Kitchen reported to CBS:

Hunger doesn’t look like what your mind’s eye might imagine. It’s the people at your church. It’s the kids that go to school with your kids. And I think that was eye-opening for a lot of the community here that said, ‘Oh, there are no homeless people here’.”

We should all look up to Bon Jovi’s noble endeavor, and even though we may not have his funds we can still help as volunteers.