Bored Girlfriends Are Giving Their Boyfriends the Worst Haircuts in Isolation

The coronavirus pandemic has been spreading really fast and many governments were forced to issue lockdowns for their citizens. Something like this has never happened before and many people found being locked inside the house with your significant one rather challenging that may result in having many fights.

Here it is what a renowned couples and sex therapist, Erin Davidson, recommends:

“This is a situation where you kind of know what is going to happen so you have time to come up with a game plan. Chat about what to do in moments where things are stressful – normalize that it’s OK if you get on each other’s nerves, and decide on a signal that means ‘OK, we need to take a moment in separate rooms or recognize better communication is needed, or perhaps someone needs a hug or to talk about emotions that are coming up.’”

However, this current situation of imposed isolation for some couples opened new interesting things to do so that both partners overcome the isolation boredom.

Since being isolated many people cannot go to the hairdressers and some of us, including some celebrities like Miley Cyrus, chose to cut our own hairs. Unfortunately, most of these attempts are failures and in a way making us look hilarious.

Girlfriends cut the hair of their boyfriends who cannot go to the barbers. Guys have two possible options: leaving it to grow as it likes or leaving it to the unskilled hands of their partners. Having a set of scissors at home can be really challenging, especially if you need a hairdo or haircutting.

These photos were checked by many people and we all must agree that certain jobs are left for the professionals to do. Yes, there are many tutorials on You Tube or on Google, but there is big difference between theory and practice. Cyrus also agrees on this when she cut her bangs by herself.

Boys asked their girlfriends to cut or shave their hair like in the case of Daniel who asked his girlfriend, Sophie, to shave his hair. She was supposed to make it longer on top, and shorter at the bottom, but she shaved off almost all his hair, and left a jagged tuft resting on top.

Jake also asked his girlfriend for a haircut showing her a picture of how it should look like. Short at the back and sides, and longer on top, but the result was a solid line shaved around the bottom of his hair.

Matt, 20, got a haircut from his girlfriend that was extremely uneven jagged and it even jumped swiftly from bald to hairy.

His peer, Josh, did his own haircutting and wanted to have a bowl cut, but he became almost entirely bald, and the possible reason for that was maybe not having a bigger bowl.

The idea of cutting your hair by yourself or leaving it to an unprofessional can be really bad, especially when you check your look in the mirror. The good part is that we are not allowed to go publicly so often, and that would be enough time for the hair to grow and thus cover up all the hilarious haircuts.