This Brilliant Man Cured Cancer in 1934, But Was Hidden From the Public!

Over the past years we are witnessing the cancer industry making multibillion dollar profits, despite the fact they constantly claim there is no cure for cancer. In fact these industries actually make extreme profits for not finding a cure for cancer.

There are many people that actually blindly believe in these stories that the industries sell in regards to the cure for cancer, which makes it easier for the companies to increase their profits. Many people actually participate in different fund raiser events in order to collect money for research of cancer cure.

Not many people are aware of the fact that Dr. Raymond Rife has found and developed a cure for cancer. This cure actually was found almost a century ago.

Dr. Rife was born in 1888 and his entire life was dedicated to researching cancer and cancer cure. He was the first to invent the powerful universal microscope that had magnification of 60.000 times, and it had resolution 31.000 times of the regular rate. Here is a video with more details: