British Parrot Went Missing for Four Years Returns Speaking Spanish

Parrots can be really funny and adoring especially when they develop their skill of speech. But, did you know that they could also learn languages; follow reading, and find out more about this amazing story.

Nigel is the parrot that amazed many people who flew away from his home in 2010. It is an African parrot having grey color who spoke in British accent as it was kept by a British citizen, Darren Chick. This parrot was missing for four years, and after it was found the strangest thing happened.

Here is the story:

Julissa Sperling found Nigel in front of her door. This jolly parrot was whistling and chattering outside her front door. Julissa is an owner of a dog-grooming business and lives in Torrance, and once she took care of the parrot she started to look out for the real owner.

She said:

“I’m from Panama and he was saying, “What happened?” in Spanish.”

She checked the pet advertisements on missing parrots to see if one of them matches with Nigel. She liked Nigel a lot as the bird chattered in Spanish, and was barking like her dogs. He was a happy bird, singing all the time, but often asking for someone named “Larry.”

The first possible owner of Nigel was Teresa Micco, who had similar looking parrot. Ms. Sperling found her online and once believing that this is the matching bird she handed Nigel over to Micco. However, it turned out that Nigel wasn’t Micco’s bird. Namely, Nigel had an installed microchip in its leg, and it wasn’t Micco’s. Teresa was devastated not being able to find her pet, and then Julissa decided to try really hard to find the rightful owner of Nigel.

The microchip was not registered by anyone as the paper sales records were traced to Animal Lovers pet store in Torrance. Luckily, the pet shop was thorough in its registration and kept the band number that was originally placed on the bird’s leg.

Micco tried to contact the two phone numbers that she found out, but after two disconnected phone numbers later, she found Chick who seemed to be the rightful ow0ner of Nigel.

She knocked on his door and asked: “Have you lost a bird?” Mr. Chick initially said “No” as he could not believe that she was asking about Nigel. When they clarified the things and she told him that she has African grey parrot, Chick looked at her me as she was crazy.

Before 4 years the parrot spoke out words with perfect British accent, but after four years of being lost he spoke words only in Spanish which was very amazing.

The pet and the owner had to adjust at the beginning as Nigel at first bit Mr. Chick. But, the love of the owner was overwhelming that their reunion ended up well reporting that: “Nigel is doing perfect. It’s really weird, I knew it was him from the minute I saw him.”


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