Burger King Confirms the Rumors and Admits That They Used Horse Meat in Their Burgers

Between outdated products and foods that contain toxic products, in recent years the food industry has been marked by numerous food scandals. The fast food chain Burger King has also been talked about it lately, after admitting that its burgers contained horse meat…

Episodes of food scandals rarely go unnoticed. After the adulterated milk business in China, Ikea chocolate pies contaminated with fecal matter, or pork sold as beef, serious questions raised about hygiene standards and manufacturing processes of all the industrial foods we buy.

In 2013, another food scandal was added to this already long list. Indeed, during this year, it was discovered that the burgers of the fast-food chain Burger King contained horse meat. The scandal was raised by The Food Safety Authority of Ireland after finding horse meat in burgers sold in Ireland and the UK. The big chain initially denied all the rumors, but eventually admitted that its products actually contained horse meat, after a series of tests demonstrated.

The meat contained in the products of this fast-food chain was manufactured by Silvercrest, a company based in Ireland. The company is known for using unapproved ingredients in its burgers that it sold to several companies. The list of these ingredients includes pieces of meat, especially horse, imported from Poland in frozen blocks.

According to Burger King, “4 samples taken from the Silvercrest plant contained small traces of horse DNA”. “We discovered that Silvercrest used a small amount of beef from a non-approved supplier in Poland.”

According to Burger King, the company had promised to deliver them 100% Irish and English beef steaks, but it did not respect the terms of the contract, which is why they stopped working with them.

Following this food scandal, Burger King’s vice president apologized to the consumers and assured them that the control measures in the factories of the fast food chain would be more rigorous to prevent this episode from being repeated.

This incident can obviously have an impact on the image of the large Burger King chain, but also raises serious questions about the standards of control adopted by this type of food company.

Recall that the Burger King food scandal is not the first of its kind, and certainly will not be the last. Small retrospection to discover the most striking food scandals of the last two decades:

The germinated seeds

It was discovered that germinated seeds from German agriculture were contaminated with E. coli. This pathogenic bacterium caused an epidemic of gastroenteritis in different European countries.

The damaged meat

In 2003, the French police seized a quantity of 120 pounds of meat showing signs of putrefaction in a well-known Parisian restaurant. After the investigation, it was also found that the establishment did not comply with the hygiene standards imposed.

Contaminated cheese

Dioxin-contaminated mozzarella cheese was discovered in 2008 in the Naples region. This part of the country, very famous for the manufacture of this buffalo milk cheese, contained a lot of waste that eventually contaminated the spaces where they grazed these animals.