Burn Bay Leaves in Your Home to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

The bay leaf comes from an aromatic plant usually used in the kitchen, but it could be used to bring many benefits to your body. In the rest of this article we propose to discover how you can use the bay leaf to enjoy all these benefits.

The Bay laurel is a plant that needs sun to grow. It is easily recognizable thanks to its small berries as well as its yellow leaves. We can use both dry and fresh bay leaves. Besides, the bay leaves were used in the time of the Romans as well as the Greeks for the triumphal crown. The laurel was a symbol of honor and glory.

Bay leaf essential oil has many properties such as an excellent anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiseptic and natural antifungal agent. In the rest of this article we propose to discover how you can use the bay leaf to treat some ailments.

1. Flu

The use of bay leaves is very effective in treating influenza as well as the symptoms such as cough, congestion of the sinuses, to relieve you of a cold or to clear the airways. You can use it as a lotion by applying the bay leaf essential oil mixed with a cream on your skin. This will bring you many therapeutic properties.

2. Promotes good digestion

The bay leaves are very effective in promoting good digestion. It is necessary to make infusions in order to improve the digestive system. The bay leaves are very renowned to stimulate the appetite.

3. To alleviate muscle pain

Make a bay leaf infusion and leave it to macerate during 4 to 5 hours. Then filter the mixture and consume one teaspoon every 3 hours for 3 days. This will relieve you of muscle pain but also joint or even dental pain.

4. To calm yourself from stress or anxiety

Burn bay leaves in an ashtray for 10 minutes and this will release a relaxing scent that will act on your nervous system. It is a very effective solution to limit stress, anxiety or even depressive states.