Cabbage – This Amazing Cruciferous Vegetable Detoxifies the Liver and Soothes Inflammation

Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable with high anti-inflammatory potential. It is packed with fiber, but low in calories making it an ideal solution for the weight loss process.  Your colon and bones need it highly, and when consumed raw it prevents and treats peptic ulcer and digestion conditions.

This vegetable has always been used all around the world, and without doubt we can state that it is a super food.

Health Benefits of Consuming Cabbage

  1. Anemia

The use of cabbage does great things for the people who suffer from anemia. This vegetable contains chlorophyll and other blood-building properties which are of great help for patients with anemia. Only a couple of glasses of cabbage juice will help with this condition.

  1. Body detox

Fresh cabbage juice will help you with conditions like diarrhea and inflammation in the intestine. Likewise, it cleanses the digestion system. Therefore, consume cabbage juice and gain all its benefits. The best results are obtained by the consumption of green cabbage juice.

  1. Peptic ulcer

Cabbage juice will effectively treat your peptic ulcer.

  1. Liver detox, hangovers and headaches

This juice will cleanse your liver, soothe the ongoing hangover, hydrate your body and ease the headache.

  1. Wound, Swellings and Inflammation

This vegetable is an ideal solution for swollen cuticles and glands, for topical inflammation, engorged breasts, and so on.The leaves of the cabbage are being used in the treatment of injuries, sore spots, and blisters.

Make the following procedure: use a rolling pin in order to flatten the cabbage leaves, then heat them in boiling water, and after that put the leaf directly on the affected area. Do this procedure till you solve your problem, but always use fresh leaves.

  1. Weight loss

Since it is low in calories it is a great food for the weight loss process, and as well as offers incredible detoxifying and diuretic properties, which greatly assist this process.

Consumption Cabbage Tips

There are many kinds of cabbage, but savoy cabbage provides powerful protection against cancer. It has in its content an ingredient known as sinigrin, a glucosinolate that is highly effective against bladder, colon, and prostate cancer. Cancer researchers are astonished by its effects.

The best option is juicing the cabbage as in that way you will get the most of this vegetable. However, steaming is also a good option, and eating it raw as salad or as an addition to other salads.

Therefore, next time when there is a cabbage on your dinner plate, do not discard it but consume it as it will provide you with many health advantages.