Cafe in Germany Gives Customers Hats with Pool Noodles to Keep Them Apart

The coronavirus pandemic affected the whole world and it initiated lockdowns in many countries in the world. The quarantine affected many businesses and the ones that were mostly impacted with this pandemic were the ones involving social gatherings. The cinemas, theatres, museums, libraries, amusement parks, cafés, and other places that were visited by many people were temporarily shut down. This had to be done in order for the curve to be kept flatten and to minimize the spread of the virus.

Fortunately, the virus is getting subdued and many countries are starting slowly to open businesses.

In Germany, the opening of businesses, like coffee shops, has started, but with the recommendation of keeping social distancing and following preventive measures. They must disinfect tables after every customer leaves and limit the seating area only to the outside. Plus, every table should be at least 2 meters apart from one another.

The coffee shops need to adjust to this new way of doing business, and some of them even did it while the peak of pandemic by opening counters and thus offering their customers coffee-to-go.  In some countries, the opening of the cafés is done very cautiously meaning partially with limited personnel and limited number of customers.

The social-distancing must be followed and every coffee shop needs to implement this. Strict preventive procedures must be obeyed so that we protect ourselves form a second wave of infections that according to experts it might be much worse than the first one.

Creative Opening of Cafés and Restaurants in the Netherlands and Germany

In the Netherlands, Amsterdam, the Mediamatic ETEN restaurant had an interesting opening. When the restaurant opened it allowed customers to eat from a four-course vegetarian menu while they were sitting quarantined in separate greenhouses.

However, this is a trial period of this restaurant and this type of service is only offered to friends and families of the staff.

Just like any country in the world Germany has also experienced the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. In this European country the coffee shops and restaurants were shut down, too. When the virus slowed its pace, the German chancellor Angela Merkel declared an ending of the first phase of the pandemic. However, she is still adamant in being cautious and keeping social distancing so that there is no second wave. The federal government lifted some of the restrictions for restaurants and coffee houses so that they can start their work, but with certain boundaries.

“Café Rothe Schwerin” located in Schwerin was shut down just like the rest of the coffee houses during the pandemic, and once it was opened they found a way how to maintain social distancing, spacing out the tables at 1.5 meters apart.

Jacqueline Rothe, the owner of this coffee house, has come up with another creative idea how to keep her customers at the recommended distance. She made her customers to wear pool noodles; however this was a one-time thing for the opening of the café. This is an interesting way to follow the strict procedures and also to attract the customers to come back to the coffee houses.

Nevertheless of the fun and creative ways to keep social distancing, we all hope and pray this pandemic to be over soon so that we can go back to our lives as before.