Cafe in the Philippines Now Uses Straws Made Out of Coconut Leaves to Cut Plastic Waste

We are living in an era of great pollution that damages our planet. You may think that the big companies are the ones to blame and that we cannot do anything individually, but we can as every effort counts when our planet is concerned.

Our planet is our only home and every home needs to be protected and our Earth deserves that. Things are really bad as there are tons of industrial, domestic, and commercial wastes that are polluting our planet every day. The question is inevitable: will our Earth survive?

The statistics are devastating on terms how much plastic we use, namely in 2016 almost 7 billion people produced 320 million tons of plastic, and this number will go even higher every year. As a result of the plastic use our oceans are filled with tons of plastic affecting over 100,000 marine animals that have lost their lives in this fight against pollution.

The invention of plastic was the biggest breakthrough in the last century, but unlike other used materials this one is non-biodegradable and for its decomposition in Nature it needs hundreds years. Additionally, our environment is being constantly polluted by harmful chemicals and gases that on the long run will not only endanger the lives of animals but as well as our lives. The plastic pollution damages the plants as the soil is no longer safe for cultivation.

As we mentioned before even the smallest step will make a difference like for instance the use of plastic straws. It may seem as a needle in hay stag, but when we consider how much plastic straws are used on daily basis you will realize that they are a big problem. For instance, US citizens use 500 million plastic straws every day, and 8.3 billion of these end up on beaches which are not biodegradable. Percentagewise plastic straws make 4% of the plastic waste.

Safe Alternatives for Plastic Straws

A Philippians café manager, Sarah Tiu never liked the use of plastic straws, so she tried in her Café Editha in Surigao Del Norte, to introduce paper and stainless straws. This first alternative choice for the plastic straws was not accepted by the customers, but this did not stop her to find another solution.

She took a trip to Corregidor Island, and visited another café that used fresh buko and cut lukay. Buko is coconut juice and lukay is coconut leaves and fronds, and we all know that coconut leaves are biodegradable and safe. She immediately thought that that is the solution for her café and asked the owner to teach her how to make the straws. The eco straws are biodegradable and above all leak-proof with no annoying sounds.

Thanks to these straws her cafe had the chance to become eco-friendly, and all the customers loved this new idea. Customers liked the idea so much that they shared pics on their social media accounts. Tiu also shared pictures of the new straws on social media in order to incite other owners with this new idea for safe environment. These straws are easily made; Tiu needs less than two minutes to make them with her workers early in the morning.

Governments have become aware of the importance of healthy environment and they have banned the use of plastic straws. Lukay straws are not the only option, there are also other safe alternatives and all you need is to look for them and completely exclude the use of plastic straws.