California Becomes the First State in the Us to Ban Animal Fur Products

Animal lovers really appreciate the state of California as that will be the first state in the states that will ban the use of animal fur products. Specifically, California intends to ban the manufacture, sale, and purchase of the fur of certain wild animals thus protecting the wildlife.

The protection of animals went further in this state that joined forces with Hawaii and New Jersey in banning the use of various animals for the purposes of entertainment and circus performances. This does not include only tamed cats, dogs, and horses. If someone tries to violate this law the issued fine would be $25,000.

In terms of manufacture and sales of clothes, handbags, belts or shoes with fur it will be stopped in 2023. This has been confirmed by the Governor Gavin Newsom who on October 13th signed a pair of bills.

The Californian Governor added the following, quote:

“California is a leader when it comes to animal welfare and today that leadership includes banning the sale of fur.”

This decision was highly appreciated and saluted by all animal-protection organizations and by others as well who are more than concerned about the welfare of the wildlife.

The Ethical Treatment of Animals applauded the newly issued laws, and the vice-president Tracy Reiman of this organization stated the following:

“Today is a historic day for animals in California, including those who have been whipped into performing in circuses, or skinned alive for their fur or skin.”

In addition to this, the Humane Society USA stated the following:

“We applaud Gov Newsom and the state’s lawmakers for recognizing that California citizens do not want their state’s markets to contribute to the demand for fur products.”

This law will allow certain exceptions like the use of fur products for religious or tribal purposes. Likewise, the skin that has been preserved through taxidermy can be sold like dog and cat fur, cowhides, deer, sheep and goat skin, and any other skin that underwent this process. Any possible violation of the law might cost a fine of $1000.

This law will impose repercussions on the US fur industry, but this needed to be done as many animal species have become endangered due to the use of their skin for fashion purposes. The designers took part in backing this law including Gucci, Versace, and Giorgio Armani who have promised to completely stop using fur in their designs.

Other fashion designers who work in popular fashion houses like Prada and Last May have stopped the use of fur and the spring-summer 2020 line will be without fur. In addition to this, the well-known Britain’s Selfridges is going to ban the sale of exotic animal skins from February 2020.

This law stirred many reactions like the ones of opponents of the law stating that this law will create a black market. Fur Information Council of America spokesman Keith Kaplan maintains that this legislation is a “radical vegan agenda” with a sole purpose to control what people wear or eat.

Nonetheless, Cassie King from Direct Action Everywhere states the following: “ordinary people want to see the animals safe and protected against inhuman practices.”