It’s Called “Fungi Breaker” Because It Eliminates All the Nail Fungi

Appearance of fungi in the nails is really an excruciating issue for most people who suffer from it as they know how hard it is to get rid of them. In order for the proliferation of fungi to be prevented, it is very important for the affected area to be kept dry and neat, as moisture stimulates their occurrence and development. Fungi are often caused by exposure to humid environments and warm things that infect the nail feet. Men are usually affected by thus condition, and statistics show that approximately 3 -4% of the population is impacted by fungal infection.

Medically this type of condition is known as onychomycosis, which can cause discoloration, desquamation and weakening of the nails and toes. However, fungi commonly appear more on the toe nails than on the hands, given the fact that they always occur on wet or warm places, and that feet are perfect environment for the appearance. Also wearing socks or closed shoes provoke their proliferation. There are many treatments for eliminating fungi, but most of them are time consuming in order for them to become effective.

Nonetheless, in this article we shall present you with remedy that is very effective and in no time will eliminate those troublesome fungi, and for that reason this treatment is known as “the breaker of the fungi”. Naturally, first it is very important to recognize the fungi. You will do this if you notice that your nails are becoming thicker having some texture and turning yellow. If you notice these signs then it is very crucial to start to treat them immediately, as if this is not the case the fungi process will progress and the nail condition will worsen until it completely fells out.

Recipe for “Breaker of the Fungi”

Required ingredients:

  • Peroxide
  • Ethyl alcohol at 90% concentration
  • White vinegar
  • Glass bowl

Method of preparation:
Just mix equal parts of the peroxide and ethyl alcohol at 90% concentration in a glass bowl. Then, include little white vinegar which will prevent vaporization of the alcohol.

First wash thoroughly the impacted area by fungi. Then, dry the area very well, and apply the mix on the affected nails by using cotton ball. Perform this two times a day, and very quickly you nails will be clean of fungi.

Additional advices
We strongly recommend you to avoid going barefoot in the swimming pools, dressing rooms or showers; and if you must, make sure to wash your feet thoroughly. Also do not borrow or share your clippers to anyone. Avoid wearing tight or plastic shoes as they impede the ventilation of the feet. Wear cotton socks because they have the best ability to absorb the wetness from the feet. Use your own utensils for pedicure and do not share or borrow with anyone. Lastly, if your feet sweat a lot, change your socks each time you feel wet.