Cancer Can Be CURED and This Doctor Refused to Keep Quiet – He Shared the Truth!

Colin T. Campbell, found himself in a crossroad of his life because he was about to decide whether he wants to continue his professional career or to share the new scientific discoveries with the world. CIA was among many other agencies that got interested in his discovery and showed up at his door. He was even warned by his colleagues to be careful with this research and advised him to stop it. Even his job was at stake, but he was certain that he wants to continue to search for the truth.

Professor Colin T. Campbell from Cornell University was researching the cause of chronic diseases as well as cancer, and he found that behind this cause is the use of animal products such as meat, milk and fish. This research managed to link breast cancer and “casein” which is a type of protein found in milk.

Dr. Campbell is an expert that disapproves the use of popular diets and often doesn’t get along with many famous doctors because he stands for the right to medical treatment for all people, no matter whether someone can afford the pharmaceutical drugs or treatments. He believes that doctors cannot give you advice on your diet because they are not nutritionists and lack professional training that will teach them how to prepare certain needed healthy diet. He has spent more than 50 years in publicly financed labs that have been researching diets that might help you prevent diseases and lower the risks of cancer. Also he decided to share his results about the ways on how to lower the risks of cancer and how to fight it.

Consuming animal products triggers the formation of cancer cells, according to Dr. Campbell. Likewise, reducing the use of meat will lower the threat of cancer. In other words, if you are consuming high-protein diet you increase the proliferation of cancer cells and start a process of oxidizing free radicals that are the main basis for formation of cancer. Dr. Campbell found and explained that the main cure against cancer is found in plants.

He comes from very conservative family that lived on a farm where he was growing up. His entire childhood he was thought that milk is great for his diet. Once he began his academic profession he started to study about dietary proteins that have been used among children in Asia (Philippines) and he was shocked once he found linkage between animal protein and liver cancer.

What was more shocking to him is an Indian research study he read, proving the same finding as him. As a result of this he decided to write a book on diet and epidemiologic studies together with his son Thomas in 2005. His book consists of every finding he had so far. He didn’t expect that people will get really interested in his book which sold for more than one million copies and was translated to 25 different languages. Also after eight years he decided to write another book which again was bestsellers book, which explained how casein is the main cause for cancer.

His main research was not allowed and authorized for human clinical trials, but he managed to do small studies that proved plant-based diets can help you fight heart problems.

Another Harvard professor of nutrition and public health, Edward Giovannucci, has agreed with the findings of Dr. Campbell. He supports the idea that bad health is caused by common diets, and especially the western diets by which people consume too much food.

These finding have been ignored by the general public and people tend to continue using animal products. Another research revealed that milk is not improving the quality of your bones, even though it is better than consuming soda beverages. The finding also revealed that milk actually increases the threat of osteoporosis in the later stages of life.

Big pharmacies have managed to prevent the Cornell Chronicle from releasing the research of Dr. Campbell. He wrote in his book about the efforts many American nutritional communities that have rejected his membership. As a result of that he decided to present his research among people in New York and North Carolina by giving free classes where he speaks about the disregard of science made by the government.

The modern world global economy is spreading crops, livestock, agriculture and Agrochemical Corporation in many different health amenities and medical centers, but also too many other pharmaceutical industries. This modern global economy only suggests that the use of dairy products and meat is of interest of many pharmaceutical industries because it brings them increased profit, while people are not really well informed about the negative results of the use of animal products.


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