We All Have Cancer Cells in our Bodies, But Doing This Will Prevent Them From Becoming Tumors!

It is actually very important to know the factors that promote the development of cancer in order to reduce the chances of being affected by this deadly disease.

But first, you must know that we all carry cancer cells; however it is not compulsory that they grow and turn into tumors.

To minimize the possibility of this it would be important to ensure normal pH of your body. Because in reality, the more your PH is acidic, the more your body will be an environment conducive to cancer development. If the pH is below 7, the body is considered acidic; if the rate is above 7 then it is considered alkaline.

In order to combat cancer cell development it is important to ensure alkalization of the body to prevent getting cancer but also prevent development of infections and chronic diseases.

The more the body is alkaline the more the immune system is effective against the cancer cells.

Can you avoid the spread of cancer cells?

Here are some tips that will allow you to make your body more alkaline:

  • Avoid foods high in sugar as well as fat
  • Do not take too many unnecessary drugs because it allows the accumulation of toxins
  • To prevent your body becoming very acidic avoid foods like red meat and replace it with white meat or with fish
  • Opt for vegetable milk instead of milk from animal origin
  • Opt for organic fruit and vegetables and consume them raw
  • Avoid sugar; however, you might as well replace it with honey
  • Remember to drink plenty of water but especially prefer filtered or bottled water because they contain far fewer toxins and heavy metals. Consume tea at will
  • Indulge in quiet activities to get out of the stressful work environment