Cancer Cells Die In 42 Days: This Famous Austrian’s Juice Cured Over 45k People From Cancer & Other Incurable Diseases! (Recipe)

Rudolf Brojs is an Austrian researcher who dedicated his life in searching for the best natural cure for the deadliest disease on the planet, cancer.

After years of researching he managed to prepare a special juice that provides great results in the treatment of cancer. His juice was a great success as with the use of his juice he has cured over 45, 000 people who struggled with cancer and other incurable diseases. According to Brojs, cancer can survive only with the help of proteins.

Therefore, he developed a special eating regime which lasts for 42 days. This eating program is consisted of solely consuming tea and a special vegetable juice with a key ingredient beetroot. In this period of 42 days, cancer cells are starved to death, while entire body’s health improves.

Have in mind the fact that Rudolf’s juice is made only from ecologically grown vegetables. This remarkable juice can be made at home from home-grown or organic vegetables. It is consisted of the following vegetables:

Rudolf Brojs’ Juice


  • Beetroot (55%),
  • Carrots (20%),
  • Celery root (20%),
  • Potatoes (3%),
  • Radishes (2%).

Instructions: Just place all the ingredients in a blender, blend them nicely till you get smooth texture. Enjoy your juice!

NOTE: Do not exaggerate with the intake of this juice; consume it as much as your body needs it.

Benefits of Beetroot Consumption

  • This plant is a well known cure for leukemia thanks to the content of the amino acid betaine, and to the potent anti cancer properties. It has been proven the effectiveness of beetroot therapy on leukemia and many other types of cancer.
  • Beetroot juice stimulates the function of the liver and gall bladder and as well as prevents constipation.
  • Regular consumption of beetroot will aid you in the fight against diseases caused by oxidative stress. Furthermore, beetroot’s fiber can reduce blood cholesterol levels up to 40%. Likewise, it regulates blood pressure and assists in the maintenance of blood vessels elasticity. This amazing root is very effective in the treatment of many diseases caused by toxins.
  • Pregnant women are strongly advised the use of beetroot since it is packed with folic acid thus preventing many diseases in newborns.
  • Once combined with carrots, beetroot can assist you for gout, kidney and gallbladder. It is also beneficial for headaches, toothaches, pain in the bones, dysentery, skin and menstrual issues.

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