This Is the Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used to Heal His Cancer and Recommends to Others

The Western world may not be aware that cannabis has its own advocate and his name is Rick Simpson. He is Canadian who tried to become an instrument in the fight of getting cannabis legalized.

The medicinal benefits of cannabis oil have already been proven therefore it is a real shame not to make it available to the people that have need of it.

Because of that Rick Simpson attempted to get cannabis legalized in Canada where he has outspoken about the amazing healing and cancer fighting properties that it holds.

Rick himself has distilled cannabis oil using naphtha, and first he brought it to the attention of the town of Maccan, Nova Scotia. He claims if someone has the need of using cannabis for medical purposes then he can easily detach its beneficial use from its criminality.

Rick had his own medical issue and because of that he started the use of cannabis oil. He had a serious head injury at work which resulted in the appearance of persistent sound of a lawnmower in his head.

He tried all the prescribed drugs which has not given him the desired result, and when he found about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, he began using it on daily basis.

The use of cannabis has cured his condition, but his doctor warned him against smoking cannabis, therefore Rick tried to find solution and to try to get only the health benefits of cannabis. Because of that he started to grow and distil the oil by himself.

Even the local community where Rick lives used this oil produced by Rick, namely the use of this oil cured the manager of the local Royal American Legion branch Rick Dwyer’s father of his ‘terminal’ lung cancer.

No matter of the evident positive results of the use of cannabis oil, Rick faced legal battles at every point in the way of promoting the medicinal advantages of this oil, even though numerous cancer patients and doctors testified its efficiency.

For BigPharma is not acceptable for some oil to take their enormous profit delivered annually by the use of conventional therapies and medicines against cancer. Therefore, they do not allow stories like Rick’s to go public since they hold the monopoly over the drug industry.

Nevertheless, we are presenting you Rick’s story, watch the video below.

How to produce your own cannabis oil

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