Cardiologist Revealed an Amazing Diet to Lose Weight in a Safe Way!

In order to optimize the results of every diet you should adjust it to your body. Also it is extremely important that you follow the diet strictly in order to have best results, otherwise you are wasting your time.

Most probably you have come across many diets that are not effective, but also unhealthy. You don’t need to worry about these ineffective diets because there is one diet which lasts for one week that will help you lose 15 pounds. This diet that we are going to present to you was invented by cardiologist who ensures it is healthy and does not cause any shocks to the body. Don’t expect that you can achieve these results only by following the diet, but rather you will need to do some physical activity for at least 30 minutes each day.

Here is the diet plan:

Once you start the diet you should use the same breakfast every day. For breakfast you should have 1 fruit of your choice (try to avoid grapes and bananas).

1st day

Lunch: 1 orange, 1 boiled egg, glass of yogurt

Dinner: 2 organic tomatoes (or you can consume 1 cup of cooked tomatoes), 2 boiled eggs, ½ a cucumber (you can also consume lettuce instead), and 2 pieces of toast

2nd day

Lunch: same as day 1

Dinner: cooked beef 4 ½ oz, 1 toast bread, 1 orange, and cup of tea or coffee (don’t use sugar)

3rd day

Lunch: orange, 1 cucumber, and 1 boiled egg

Dinner: same as day 2

4th day

Lunch: cottage cheese 4 ½ oz, 1 tomato, and 1 toast bread

Dinner: same as day 2

5th day

Lunch: cooked fish or meat (7 oz), 1 tomato, and 1 toast

Dinner: cooked carrots, peas and potatoes (½ a pound in total)

Additional tips:

When you cook the vegetables you shouldn’t use any salt. You will need to follow the diet for 5 days and then make a break for 2 days. Begin again on the 8th day, and repeat the cycle. Don’t consume any alcohol during the diet. If you have any problems with your heart you should consult a cardiologist before using this diet!