Be Careful: China is Making Rice from Plastic (Here’s How to Recognize It)

What we eat is what our health is going to be, therefore we need carefully to choose foods which should be beneficial for our health as if this is not the case we may greatly harm it.

However, this awareness needs to be put even on a higher level nowadays. Living in the modern era has brought to us countless dangers resulting from the numerous chemicals and toxins present in all processed foods, and in the environment all around us as toxins are everywhere in the air, water and soil.

As all this is not enough now we have to be on the look-out of almost every product because believe it or not the Chinese have invented something despicable, plastic rice. This horrible rice is made of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and synthetic resin or plastic. All the ingredients are well blended hence looking like real rice.

Useful Tips to Determine Fake Rice

Read the following tips and find out if the rice at your home is real or not. Carefully read them as your well-being very much depends on it.

  1. Put 1 tablespoon of rice in a glass of water, if the rice floats, then is fake.
  2. If while boiling forms a thick layer on the surface, then it is plastic.
  3. For this step you need to cook a cup of rice. Place the cooked rice in a container, and leave it on the counter for a few days. If there is a formation of mold on the rice, then it is organic, and if there is no mold, then it is fake.

Watch the video below and find out more information about the results of these tests: