What Causes Cavities and How To Heal It Naturally!

Tooth cavities most of the time are caused because of dental caries which occur as a result of certain factors. Here below, are the most common causes that add up to tooth cavity.

What is the reason for tooth cavity occurrence?

Plaque appears on your teeth thanks to a bacteria contained in sugar rich foods and beverages. If it is not removed on time it will become hard and not easily removed. The acids in the plaque will start to eliminate the contained minerals in the tooth outer enamel thus triggering erosion which will result in occurrence of tiny little openings or holes which are the first stage of tooth cavity. Therefore, clean your plaque on time so that you prevent tooth decay.

Tooth Decay can impact both layers of the tooth: the outer covering known as enamel and the inner layer called dentin. The same bacterium that is accountable for forming plaque on your tooth has the ability to form acids thus creating holes in your tooth called cavities. Tooth decay can be provoked by the following things:

– diet that lacks sufficient amount of minerals,

– deficiency of fat soluble vitamins, specifically, A, D, E, and K,

– nutrients not being readily bioavailable which the intestinal system cannot successfully absorb them; this condition is helped by the existence of phytic acid,

– SAD (Standard American Diet) packed with processed foods,

– Hormonal Imbalances.

What we can do to heal tooth cavities naturally?

Initially, you have to stop further to damage your teeth, and in that way, you will stop development of plaque, cavity formation and tooth decay. Furthermore, keeping your teeth and mouth clean and hygienic is a must if you want healthy teeth. Here below, are some advices that will be of great assistance for treating tooth cavities naturally.

– The ratio of calcium and phosphorus has to be restored in the blood; furthermore, in order minerals to bond to the teeth, health-building foods need to be consumed consisted of sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins that will build a glassy hard tooth structure.

– Take 1 teaspoon of fermented cod liver oil and 1 teaspoon of high vitamin butter oil every day so that you increase the quantity of fat soluble vitamins A and D in your body.

– Consume more foods consisted of a substance called Activator X or also known as Vitamin K2. Activator X is similar to vitamin K which is crucial in facial bones development, including teeth.

– Get rid of grains and sugar completely from your diet.

– Introduce increase of grass-fed gelatin in soups and beverages.

– Start drinking 1 to 2 cups of bone broth on a daily basis.

– Eat foods rich in calcium.

– Limit processed food consumption and foods with high phytic acid material, such as beans, grains, seeds, and nuts.

– Switch to re-mineralizing tooth paste.

– Likewise introduce oil pulling with coconut oil for 20 minutes in your daily routine.

– Brush your teeth regularly.