CDC is Warning: Hair Bands from China Made of Used Condoms Could Spread STD’s


We are living in an age when we are not sure what kind of product we are using at the moment. Because of that, we need to carefully check the labels of the products and learn to recognize the products which pose a threat for our health and to the health of our loved ones.

Namely, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has released a warning that hair ties made in China may be possibly dangerous. These hair ties are already present on American soil, in some of the flea markets, local beauty salons and in some swap meets, and people are using them without realizing how harmful they can be. Specifically, they may be spreading sexually transmitted diseases to the people who are wearing them. Moreover, it is believed that these hair ties are made from used condoms, thus making them extremely dangerous as they can spread AIDS, genital warts and other STDs.

CDC maintains that the hair ties and rubber bands are made of used and unsanitary condoms as a result of which can contain plenty of bacteria and viruses; in fact they can have 4 times the bacteria found on a public bathroom toilet.

Diseases like AIDS, warts, herpes, and other venereal diseases can be transmitted by the inevitable holding of the hair tie or rubber band in the mouth while setting your hair. For that reason, the CDC released a warning advising the nation to avoid buying products which are manufactured in China.

A lady from Los Angeles named as Shantea Green was horrified when she found out that her hair tie that she bought from one local beauty salon was made from used condom. She was appalled and extremely disgusted with the horrible truth of her hair tie. She used scissors to carefully cut the edges of her hair tie to realize that in the inside was a utilized condom. Having experienced this she wants to warn everyone to stop buying and using hair ties made in China.

Therefore, if you possess some of the hair ties made in China immediately throw them away if you want to protect yourself from the possible dangerous diseases. Make sure always to check the origin of the products you are buying like in this case the rubber bands and hair ties as if you do not do this you may harm your health and the health of your loved ones.