Changed Us Forever

Life is hard, but also very amazing when you realize that everything that happens is a part of life.

During our lifetime we meet thousands of people. Some of them leave some mark on our lives, some just pass through, but there are is always one that really hurt us and changed us for forever.

However, these betrayals should not define us as human beings we need to learn the valuable lesson from it and continue our life. There are still people out there that can bring joy, love and positive feelings in our life.

What you should never do is to subdue all your feelings of sorrow, unfairness, aversion, and anger as they will come out at some point and you will experience again the same bad event and feelings in your life, and that is something that you do not need anymore. Try to heal the open wounds and build a new life.

Acknowledge the fact that although you have been deeply hurt you are not the damaged one, but the relationship with that particular person was damaged. Release all those feelings of anger and negativity towards life and do not allow sapping all your energy. Once you do that the process of healing will start and your heart will be open again to new people and new relationships. After all, we are all humans and the need to have a companion in life is greater than life itself provided that it is the right one.


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