The Cheapest Way to Clean Your Tap Water of Fluoride, Aluminum, Lead, Chloride, Chlorine and Lithium

Do you have any idea that our tap water contains aluminum, lead, chloride, chlorine, fluoride and lithium? Did you know that also contains manganese, nitrates, copper, calcium, herbicides, insecticides, bicarbonates, and other dissolved minerals? Furthermore, as stated by the Associated Press, tap water contains minor amounts of antibiotics, hormones, mood stabilizers and other drugs.

Developing these heavy metals in the body can result in innumerable health problems and may have a serious effect on every major organ. It has been scientifically proven that heavy metals  are related with serious diseases such as: cardiovascular,Alzheimer’s disease, from kidney dysfunction to behavioral issues, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease.

Luckily, cilantro has been proven to work as remarkable water disinfectant which can absorbe heavy metals such as nickel and lead in addition to other destructive chemicals.

Why Cilantro?

Cilantro contains chemical agents which kill toxic metals, eliminating them from tissues and banish them out of the system. Most of its cleansing assets are credited to its structure, meaning that plant is composed by the outer walls of the microscopic cells. The walls structure is perfectly created for soaking up heavy meals and hazardous substances.

Cilantro leaves are one of the cheapest methods to cleanse water, especially in poorer areas, according to a research team lead by Douglas Schauer from Ivy Tech Community College in Lafayette, Indiana along with a group of Mexican researchers.
Schauer and his group analyzed a few samples of plants, concluding that cilantro is the most potent bioabsorbent material in Tule Valley in Mexico City, an area where water is quite contaminated with nickel and lead.

A research  lead by Douglas Schauer and his team from Ivy Tech Community College in Lafayette, Indiana along with a group of Mexican researchers, states that cilantro leaves are few of the most affordable methods for cleansing water particularly in poorer parts. Schauer and his team examined couple of samples of plants and have come to a conclusion that cilantro,in place where water is extremely contaminated with lead and nickel, is the most bio absorbent substance in Tule Valley in Mexico City.

Schauer says: “The organic toxins we can take care of pretty easily with many different methods, but the only way to really eliminate those heavy metals is to treat them with filtering agents likeactivated charcoal, but those types of materials are kind of expensive. They are a little expensive for us to use, however they are very expensive for the people living in that region”

How To Use Cilantro

The method is adding cilantro to your water. A full hand will clean around ½ gallon of polluted water.

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