Children Grow Up Happier with Grandparents by Their Side

The presence of a grandparent in the childhood is of great value according to recent researches. The children benefit from them a lot and the grandparents from their grandchildren.

Although in-laws can cause disturbances in family relations they can still offer great welfare to all family members, including our children. Raising your children near grandparents will create strong family relations within the family.

The human race is the only one among all species on the planet that have grandmas and grandpas. However, every child needs one in its childhood as the benefits are enormous. But, not only the children experience the benefits of the presence of grandparents in their lives also the parents do, as they are of great help in raising the children. Moreover, it was confirmed that those children who had grandparents in their childhood turned to be happier with a reduced risk of depression later in life.

This has been confirmed by a conducted study in the period of 1985 and 2004, involving 374 grandparents and 356 adult grandchildren monitored throughout the years. It was revealed that good grandparent-grandchild relationships helped in lower depressive symptoms in both generations. Grandparents take activity in the lives of their grandchildren thus making them more vigilant and protecting them from developing serious mental diseases.

Vanessa Jensen, PsyD, of Cleveland Clinic Children’s maintains that grandparents can serve as an extension of family members who truly love and care for their grandchildren. If the grandparents are reasonably healthy people and have reasonable approach in taking care of the children they should definitely be allowed to get involved in the process of raising the kids.

In order to avoid any conflict one must remember that there is a difference in the dynamics between a grandparent and child and the one between a parent and child. This may be the reason why parents and grandparents sometimes can be in a conflicting situation. The best solution would be to allow the children to do different things when they are visiting their grandparents thereby avoiding possible conflict with the parents.

The spent time with the grandparents boosts the emotional understanding in children. The emotional intelligence is a trait that children learn by watching and learning from others, which is more important than the IQ in achieving success in life and career.

The grandparents also benefit a lot from the socialization with their grandchildren. According to conducted studies grandfathers who are involved in the lives of their grandchildren after a certain age makes their lives as a grandchild play. Plus, the life span is getting longer in seniors who are involved in the lives of their grandchildren which is not the case with their peers who do not babysit their grandkids. The reason for longer lives in these grandparents is the need of mental activity while taking care of a child which provides them with a new purpose in life.

Conclusively, we can state that the quality of lives in both seniors and children is dramatically better and enhanced when these generations socialize with each other.

Therefore, leave your children to socialize with their grandparents and enjoy their mutual company as the benefits are enormous.