Cleanse Your Body From Sugar, Lose Weight And Improve Your Overall Health! Here’s How!

The main ingredient that you might be consuming which leads to obesity and overweight is sugar, but also it is worth mentioning that fats and carbohydrates contribute to this state of the body. Of course we are not talking about moderate amounts of sugar since it doesn’t impose danger to your health. There aren’t many people that actually are aware of the fact that large amounts of sugar is consumed through consuming sodas, cereals, drinks, salad dressings, yogurt, candies, etc.

You should be aware that these products accumulate large amount of sugar in the body. Also be aware that simple carbs can be found in foods such as raisins, bananas, honey, natural fruit juices, and mangoes.

Our body is organized to rapidly use sugars and transform it into energy source. The increased blood glucose levels could have harmful effects on your health. Also you should be aware that surplus amount of sugar could create serious health problems and it could reduce the absorption process of nutrients.

If you consume excessive amount of sugar it could trigger serious health issues and side-effects such as hyperactivity, tiredness, depression, sinus problems, yeast infections, insomnia, disorientation, and headaches. On the other hand chronic overconsumption of sugar could raise the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular issues, as well as breast cancer.

Sugar Intake vs. Weight Gain

Once you consume large amounts of sugar your body actually transforms the sugar into energy. This is very challenging for the body because it could start accumulating the rest of the sugar in form of fat. If you consume excessive amount of sugar which often is found in different foods it won’t have the same effect on the body as natural sugars. Consuming such foods could also lead to formation of germs in the bowels, thus increasing the level of sugar in the body. This type of sugar is also turned into fat. You could easily recognize sugar addicts. They often consume large amounts of sugar and their body is accumulating unnecessary fat on the hips, waist, face, and thighs.

Quit Sugar

You should stop eating sugar, but be aware that this is very hard process. Many experts actually claim that it is impossible to quit sugar. There are many people that actually try to get rid of sugar from their diets, but actually they experience symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, food cravings, sadness, and queasiness. People that are addicted to sugar experience these symptoms after their meal. This is due to the fact that the body starts to experience sugar cravings in the body which sends signals to the brain.

People that are dependent on sugar once they consume it they will feel relieve of the symptoms. In this article we are going to present to you three day sugar detoxification diet:

1st day

Breakfast: you will need to consume 1 cup of steel0cut oats with seeds, berries, or almonds. You could also consume instead 3 scrambled eggs
Snack: you should consume small bowl of nuts
Lunch: consume poached chicken breast and butternut squash, turnips, beets, beans, parsnips, almond, and carrots.
Supper: you should consume broiled fish and green beans, or you could consume salmon and stir-fry broccoli and mushrooms

2nd day

Breakfast: you should consume 1 cup of steel-cut oats with seeds, almonds, and berries, or instead you could consume 3 scrambled eggs with spinach
Snack: you should consume a small bowl of nuts
Lunch: you should consume zucchini with peppers and lemon dressing, vinegar and thyme, or you instead you could consume red/green shredded cabbage and carrots, olive oil, lemon juice, chopped parsley, and salt dressing.
Dinner: you should consume steamed veggies and bean soak, or instead you could consume baked cod with bok choy and roasted turnips and Brussels sprouts

3rd day

Breakfast: you should consume 1 cup of steel-cut oats with berries, seeds, and almonds, or sautéed kale, walnut, and radish salad
Snack: you should consume small bowl of nuts
Lunch: you should consume chicken thighs roasted in a pan with sage, lemon and rosemary, or instead you could consume chicken roasted in an oven with thyme, black olives, and onion.
Dinner: veggie broth with garlic, carrots, celery, thyme, onion, and bay leaves with mushroom heads


You should be aware that the beverages are also very important especially if you want to quit sugar. In order to exclude beverages that contain large amounts of sugar you need to replace it with healthy drinks that provide energy and refreshes you.

Here are some beverages that will help you on the way:

  • Detoxification water – you will need to chop grapefruits, strawberries, oranges, or blueberries and add them into fresh water. Store this water in the fridge and consume it during the day.
  • Tea – you will need to drink herbal or green tea but make sure it is not sweetened. Make sure that you consume it three times per day
  • Coffee – you should drink one cup of black coffee per day, but without sugar.

This detoxification process will definitely help you prevent depression, tiredness, and headaches caused by sugar cravings. You should definitely start consuming healthy sugars which often are found in dry fruits.