How to Cleanse the Lymphatic System So Your Immune System Can Work Properly

The lymphatic system is little known, because almost nothing is said about it. However, certain researchers said that this system is “as important as the circulatory system”.

What is this system and what is its function? In this article we will not only answer this question, but also will tell you how you can cleanse it easily.

This system is of great importance to repair the tissue of the body and to detox the organs. When this system is clogged, it can deteriorate the immune system, and even promote lymph nodes tumors. Therefore it is very important to drain your lymphatic system very well.

Reasons to detoxify the lymphatic system

Every day, the body must expel approximately 82,000 different toxins from the body. When these accumulate, the body becomes overloaded and people suffer deterioration in their general health. This is where the lymphatic system becomes very important. It is responsible for cleaning the liquid that surrounds the cells and removes impurities and debris from them. That way, the body does not self-intoxicate. However, this “dirty work” is damaging this system little by little if you do not clean it constantly.

Methods to cleanse the lymphatic system

Drink plenty of water: according to experts, your body needs 1 tbsp of water for every pound of weight. This will help keep you hydrated and keep your lymph fluid flowing properly.

Eat raw fruits and vegetables: fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in enzymes, help cleanse the lymphatic system. To emulsify lymph system fat you can drink some sugar-free blueberry juice.

Avoid processed foods: make sure you consume enough vitamin C and B. You should also avoid eating fatty foods, animal products, sugar and processed foods. The latter have preservatives and dyes that damage your lymphatic system.

Herbs that cleanse the lymphatic system

Most herbs, whether fresh, or in tea or dried serve to cleanse the lymphatic system. However, some are better than others.

Echinacea: this is a potent stimulant of the immune system. In addition, when combined with astragalus, the congestion and swelling of the aforementioned system decreases. To take advantage of its properties, you can make a tea with 2 tablespoons of dried Echinacea in a cup of water. Put the mixture to simmer for 15 minutes and take that tea 3 times a day. Another option would be to ingest 1 tablespoon of tincture 3 times a day.

Astragalus: another name for this plant is Huang qi. This herb is excellent for cleansing the lymphatic system. Mixing it with Echinacea can relieve congestion and inflammation of the organs. This herb can be obtained in capsules, tablets or tincture. To take advantage of its properties, you must follow the instructions of the package.

Goldenseal: this herb promotes the cleansing of the lymphatic system and contributes to the reduction of the body’s inflammation. To achieve these benefits add a half tablespoon of dry goldenseal in 1 cup of water and make a tea. Drink this infusion 3 times a day.

Wild indigo root: in addition to cleansing the lymphatic system, it helps to destroy germs and reduce swollen lymph glands. For this, take 1/3 tablespoon of dry root and put to boil in 1 cup of water. Let the infusion simmer for 15 minutes and then serve. Take the tea 3 times a day.