Clever Little Hummingbird Builds a Nest with a Roof

Parenthood is the amazing thing that can happen to a person, but it also exists in the animal world and it can be really amazing and very educational for the people too. Nature never stops to surprise us and we cannot even imagine how similar we are with the animal world when motherhood is concerned.

We are all familiar with the fact that birds built their own nests in order to lay out their young ones, and the whole process of building is really fascinating.

Hummingbirds are one of the smartest of them all, they have so many inventive ways how to build a nest, but the little one in Paraguay built a nest under a leaf as a roof, amazing, isn’t it?

You may thing that it needed a shade, but in fact the broadleaf served as roof that offered protection to her chicks.

Bianca Caroline Soares is conservationist at a Paraguayan Nature Reserve and she was the one who spotted this unique nest. She lives in Alto Parana, Paraguay, and the image of nests on branches in the jungle near her home, is a common sight. Yet, this spring, she was surprised by the construction of the mother hummingbird that created a unique nest under the shade of the leafy roof.

That day Bianca spotted five nests of hummingbirds, but this one outdid them all as it as “the most ingenious” that she ever saw.

She observed the nest for a few weeks, and discovered two little chicks in the crib. Thanks to the roof over their heads they were nicely protected against the harsh weather conditions. They will grow perfectly in this home, and after they are old enough they will leave the nest and build their own, hopefully as their mother did for them.

Bianca liked the nest so much that she took photos of it and all the amazing pictures were posted online, on Instagram with the following caption: “To date, my favorite photograph. Too much cuteness in one photo!”

She hoped that they will be an inspiration for the people to take better care of nature and our planet.


This species of birds thrives almost in every corner in the world, and there are 338 species of them. They take a valuable part in ecosystem because they are crucial in natural pollination. Namely, some of the species can fly as high as 4,000 meters, which makes them capable to pollinate plants which other birds cannot reach, and thanks to that these plants are still thriving on our planet.

However, they are really of small size which makes them vulnerable and susceptible to dangers, and as a result of that, some species are listed as endangered. Therefore, we should do everything in our power to protect their existence.

Several tips how to protect hummingbirds in your area:

  • Being of a small size, they are an easy prey for cats, hence keep your pets away from them.
  • If you have a garden, you can craft a feeder with sugar-water solution and thus supplement nectar. You can hang a clean dish or a bottle filled with the solution and then place it at a shaded area. In order to prevent any collision with the windows, position the feeders away from your windows, and also break up reflections that might confuse the hummingbirds.
  • Hummingbirds are vulnerable to chemicals; therefore do not try to spray insecticides near the feeders.
  • You can join hummingbird organizations and thus assist in their conservation.