CNN Warns: Stop Eating This Food Because Dangerous Worms May Appear Inside Your Body!

According to CNN the tapeworm SpirometraErinaceieuropaei has been found in one type of meat. This tapeworm can cause Sparganosis which is really dangerous parasitic infection.

The CNN published a story of one man being infected with this tapeworm after he went traveling around Asia. More specifically he visited China, South Korea, Thailand, and Japan. During his travel he never experienced any health problems, but as he was coming closer to the end of his travel he began to feel chronic headaches. He visited a doctor who prescribed medications for his therapy, but there were no improvements.

Because the chronic headache became really serious he decided to do MRI in order to find the cause of his health problem. The results found in his brain living tapeworm. The doctors concluded that this tapeworm has been living in his brain for 4 years.

The most common way to get infected by tapeworm is by consuming pork meat. This type of meat contains TaeniaSolium and people can get infected in 2 ways. The first way is by consuming pork meat from pigs that have been infected. Pigs are infected by adult worm which is found in their intestinal tract and this worm can seriously damage the human brain.

The second way to get infected is through direct contact with feces from infected pigs or people. Usually in the pigs feces there is larvae which trough contact can infect the body tissues and transfer through the body to the brain. If this larva gets into your nervous system it might lead to serious brain infection calledneurocysticercosis. Having your brain infected can also cause epilepsy.

The WHO released a study which found that every third person in Asia suffers from epilepsy due to being infected by TaeniaSolium which caused neurocysticercosis.