Coconut Milk and Turmeric: Make You Fall Asleep Fast, Relieve Pain and Inflammation, Reduce Cholesterol

In the past there weren’t pharmaceutical drugs and people had to rely on the ingredients that Nature offered for the treatment of many health issues. One of the many remedies that people used was the golden milk and known for its potency it has been used by many cultures for millennia.

This traditional Indian drink became also popular in Western cultures due to its medicinal properties that boost body’s immunity and fight off many diseases.

In India it was traditionally prepared by warming up cow’s or other plant-based milk with turmeric and other spices, including ginger and cinnamon. Nowadays, the combination is commonly with coconut milk and the indispensible turmeric.


Turmeric is a very popular spice in Asian cuisine since it is a staple ingredient in curry which we all recognize for its yellow color offered by turmeric. This root contains a powerful active ingredient known as curcumin that reveals strong antioxidant features which were well-recognized by the traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

This natural ingredient can really amaze us with its numerous medicinal properties which according to researchers there are more than 150. It is powerful enough to battle against inflammation in the body, treat different health issues and boost the function of the immune system.

Coconut milk

This plant-based milk is an incredible source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that are able to fight inflammation, enhance muscle growth, and aid with the weight loss process. Plus, it contains plenty of healthy fats and electrolytes that help with the digestion and improve gut health.

Once combined these two ingredients offer the golden milk elixir, a powerful combo that can help with many health concerns.

Health Benefits of the Golden Milk

  • Reduces high blood pressure and LDL-bad cholesterol

  • Relieves arthritis pain and fights inflammation

  • Activates more than 160 individual physiological functions

  • Betters memory

  • Treats brain disorders

  • Speeds up the learning process

  • Prevents free-radical damage

A Recipe of Golden Milk

Required Ingredients:

  • A cup of coconut milk

  • A cup of water

  • 1/8 teaspoon of turmeric

  • A pinch of black pepper

  • Raw, organic honey at your own preference


Put all the listed ingredients in a saucepan, and turn on the heat on medium. Stir the mixture and once it reaches its boiling point, cover the saucepan, lower the heat to minimum and cook it for 10 minutes. Once it is warm add the honey according to your taste and consume it three times a day.